Chatan Mihama American Village beautiful beach, cafe and shopping a lot

When you come to Okinawa travel, Chatan Mihama American Village! From miscellaneous goods to various souvenirs, Beautiful beach, delicious cafes, bars and izakaya are areas where the charm of Okinawa sightseeing is tightly packed. About 1 hour by car from Naha Airport. Located in the middle of the main island of Okinawa, I think that people visiting on a trip are certainly visiting areas. Many people related to the US military in the vicinity of the Chatan, English will be heard normally in the streets. Exactly American Village! On this page I will introduce about Chatan Mihama American Village.

Chatan Mihama American Village has many cafes, restaurants and bars

Chatan Mihama American Village, which has been developed remarkably in recent years. The parking lot is also wide, and the cityscape has a sense of unity and it is quite beautiful. There are lots of cafes, restaurants and bars in various places on a large site.

Photo of Chatan Mihama American Village 1

Photo of Chatan Mihama American Village 2

Photo of Chatan Mihama American Village 3

There are also many sundries shops and souvenir shops, and you can also enjoy shopping.

Photo of Chatan Mihama American Village 4

Photo of Chatan Mihama American Village 5

The funny goods store I found recently is Okinawa Music Box. There are many traditional music boxes, but there are rare items like Okinawa Shisa and Sanshin in the music box. I think that even if you buy such a souvenir, it is cute. Children also rejoice. Actually my daughter looked pretty happy. I did not buy it at once, but …

Music box special shop Okinawa music box

This is all a music box. It’s cute.

Okinawa Shisa music box

Habu-box has been creating an interesting fashion of Okinawa original. Okinawa has Kariyushi wear as well as Hawaiian Aloha Shirt. Kariyushi wear is worn instead of a suit, and it is commonly used even in official workplaces. Although it is such Kariyushi wear, the pattern is quite loud and it is quite embarrassing outside Okinawa Prefecture, so you can not wear it. I was the same. Habu-box’s “Poloyushi” that combined such Kariyushi wear and polo shirts. I think that it matches not young man like me. It’s a bit flashy but the base is a polo shirt so it will not be noticeable. Chatan Mihama American Village also has a Habu-box shop. Please make a present for your father.

Habu-box at Chatan Mihama American Village

Poloyushi of Habu-box

Chatan Mihama American Village has many good restaurants, cafe and bar

Chatan Mihama American Village where there are lots of cafes and bars. There are too many shops, and as many new shops are open, it is a bit difficult to introduce the restaurant of recommendation. Still if I am asked the best recommendation, “Double decker”. It is a cafe bar that has been running for over 25 years since 1991. It is in a place difficult to understand for a moment, but I think that it is proof that it is still supported by local people that it is still operating for a long time. .
If you get lost which restaurant is good, you may well be good if you go to a Double decker. The location is a little confusing, but you will find it when you advance the sideways of the game center. It was still closed because this day was in the morning. . . .

Double decker at Chatan Mihama American Village

There are also many cafés and bars along the coastline. You can enjoy delicious coffee and cocktails while watching the beautiful sea of Okinawa. There are also many overseas travelers, and I thought for a moment what country it is.

cafés and bars along the coastline

The sea scenery seen from the cafe looks like this.

The sea scenery seen from the cafe

Beautiful Mihama Sunset Beach is near

There is sunset beach in the immediate vicinity of Chatan Mihama American Village. It is so beautiful if it clears up in winter. Summer is even more beautiful. Can you believe that this is the winter season in February? American people are jogging frequently and it seems somewhat foreign.

Beautiful Mihama Sunset Beach 1

Beautiful Mihama Sunset Beach 2

Why not come to Chatan Mihama American Village

Chatan Mihama American Village you can enjoy day and night. Because there is a police box in the area, you can play with confidence at night. There is nothing dangerous with children. It is unusual for a police station with a starbucks, but this is a police box.

Police box in Chatan Mihama American Village

If you come to Okinawa sightseeing, please try playing at Chatan Mihama American Village once. You can enjoy Funny goods, delicious cafe and alcohol. The Chunichi Dragons that is professional Japan base ball team has camp in February. Do not miss it if you love baseball!

The Chunichi Dragons

The Chunichi Dragons 2

Chatan Mihama American Village is here ↓

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