Delicious, cheap and good volume, Chanpuru shokudou in Kin town

Speaking of Okinawan restaurants, there are many shops that are good, cheap, and full of volume, with this triple time. We are glad that we can eat delicious food full. And I found another restaurant with all three beats. That’s the Champuru Shokudou in Kin town. From that name, it’s like a restaurant in Okinawa. I had a delicious lunch at the Chanpuru cafeteria on a certain holiday.

The Chanpuru Shokudou is located along National Route 329, the central route in the east of Okinawa. The restaurant is small so you may miss it if you are not careful. As soon as you enter the store, you will find a ticket machine on the right hand side.

a ticket machine

The menu is drawn on the wall inside the store. I was not sure which one to eat.

The menu is drawn on the wall

After all, if I come to Kin town, I wanted to eat the famous “Chi-iricher”. And on that day, I came with my children, so I ordered a classic fried set meal and “Beef Garlic Moyashi Soba”.

And this is the “Chi-iricher” ordered. The “Chi-iricher” is fried pork and vegetables with pork blood. I think this is a dish that can only be eaten in Okinawa. And I am glad that the set meal comes with mini Okinawa soba.


I think it looks like curry, but this is “Chi-iricher”, an Okinawan specialty dish. In Okinawan dialect, irichar means fried. I think that there is a smell because it is fried with pork blood, but there is no odor, and I felt a rich umami taste. Eat with rice like curry. My kids seemed to be the first “Chi-iricher”, but they seemed delicious and they ate more and more. It was a delicious thick seasoning.

Beef garlic bean sprouts soba

And this is “Beef garlic bean sprouts soba”. This is a hearty soba with fried beef garlic sprouts on Okinawa soba. The stir-fried beef garlic spicy was mixed with Okinawa soba soup, making it even more delicious. The flavor of garlic attracted our appetite and was delicious.

deep-fried set meal

And this is a deep-fried set meal. This was also full of volume, and it’s definitely delicious. It was also delicious and my kids were full of stomach.

About Chanpuru Shokudou

Delicious, generous and reasonably priced. I am very happy to discover a new popular restaurant that has such a good Okinawan restaurant. I am also happy to be able to eat “Chi-iricher”, which now has few restaurants. When you come to Kin town, be sure to try not only taco rice but also Chi-iricher.

The Chanpuru Shokudou is here ↓

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