"Ramen and Tsukemen"List

I will introduce the famous ramen shops that recommended by the locals. In addition to our site, I also post Okinawa’s beach, recommended shops of Okinawa soba, souvenirs etc. from the local people’s eyes. Please have a look.

Toryumon in Naha city is delicious in rich Dandan noodles

Sometimes you will want to eat punchy and exciting ramen. At that time, there is a recommended ramen shop in Naha City. Strong scent of yam, rich sesame and miso flavor, and strong umami taste that makes your mouth numb. It is a restaurant where the rich Dandan noodles are delicious. I knew the name of this store before, but it was hard to come to the store. One day I had a business in Naha City, I went to Touryumon.

Tsukemen and ramen are also good! Small ramen shop in Yomitan village Shirosaki

When going out with family, it is nice to have a restaurant where you can eat both Tsukemen and ramen, right? If you eat lots of ramen with your children with different taste preferences, you can eat happily without fighting. At that time the perfect ramen shop is in Yomitan village "Menya Shirosaki". Although it is a small ramen restaurant, there are various kinds of ramen, and Tsukemen is a delicious shop.

Good Tsukemen Ramen restaurant in Okinawa City, Menya-Gochi

There is a narrow trail that enters a side street, a long slope road, and a famous restaurant of Ramen and Tsukemen which is a place that it is difficult to understand. That is Menya-Gochi in Okinawa city. It is a ramen shop in an incomprehensible place, but it is a famous restaurant where visitors are constantly coming to visit. I have eaten such Gochi's Tsukemen and Mazemen.

Okinawa’s Tsukemen giant Garyuya, Tsukemen, Ramen and puddings are delicious!

Tsukemen, which has recently become well established in Okinawa. Tsukemen with eating responses noodle to thick soup is becoming a staple of Okinawa's lunch menu following Okinawa soba, ramen. Speaking of popular Tsukemen shops in Okinawa, Jinbei, Sanchikuju, Taishouken, Menya KEIJIRO, etc. are famous. But I should not forget Garyuya! Not only Tsukemen, Ramen is also an exquisite shop, I went to Garyuya to try that taste.

Rich Tsukemen and Mazemen are superb! Menya KEIJIRO in Okinawa City

Ramen is no longer an exaggeration to say that it is a national food of Japan. But recently the popularity of Tsukemen and Mazemen has also increased. Of course, there are a lot of delicious Tsukemen restaurant in Okinawa too. Speaking of a famous popular Tsukemen shop in Okinawa, it is "Menya KEIJIRO" in Okinawa City. It is a popular Tsukemen restaurant with exquisite rich Mazemen and Tsukemen with thick fish and chicken soup. I have tried to eat such Tsukemen and Mazemen of Menya KEIJIRO.

A ramen shop where you can enjoy old-fashioned delicious Chinese noodles taste is Kadekaru in Yonabaru town

Rich, punchy ramen like Iekei-ramen, or rich taste such as Tonkotsu ramen is also good, but sometimes we will want to eat ramen with tasty flavor and nostalgic taste as well. Just not only taste but also the taste of old-fashioned traditional Chinese soba, which a solid Umami worked, you will want to eat sometimes. The shop of recommendation at such time is "Shinata soba Kadekaru" in Yonabaru town. You can enjoy the taste of delicious Chinese soba which matched soup spreading elegant flavor for old-fashioned medium-sized straight noodles.

If you want to eat delicious Chinese cuisine, Yang Kyou Fang in Naha city is recommended! Lunch is good and profitable, plenty of volume

Do you want to eat delicious Chinese cuisine? You'd like to eat lots of stomach at a great price at authentic Chinese cuisine, don't you? Yang Kyou Fang where is the Chinese restaurant and recommended in such situation in Naha city. Boasting tremendous support in the business district of Naha city, it is a popular restaurant where you can eat authentic Chinese cuisine. Especially at lunch, you can eat authentic Chinese cuisine with plenty volume at reasonable price. If you want to eat Chinese food full of stimulus and umami, Yang Kyou Fang is the BEST!

If you want to eat delicious Tsukemen in Chatan town, TSUKEMEN-GT recommends

The area popular for tourists, Chatan town. The Mihama American Village has many fun shops and stylish cafes. Lunch at a fashionable cafe is also nice, but if you will want to eat ramen or Tsukemen that you've been toothed. At that time the shop of my recommendation is TSUKEMEN-GT. Personally I think that it is the best Tsukemen shop in Chatan. Homemade noodles with thick Tsukemen soup and eating response. If you come to Chatan and go to eat noodles, you should first go to TSUKEMEN-GT.

Rich fish and chicken Tsukemen is delicious, Omake-dare is also good Garyu-ya

Okinawa soba is good. Rich ramen is also good. But occasionally you will want to eat delicious Tsukemen. A heavy soup, thick noodles with eating response. There are times when I want to eat such good tasting Tsukemen. So, I went to a rich and delicious Tsukemen shop "Garyu-ya". The Garyu-ya is famous as a rich Tsukemen for fish and chicken soup stock. I have tried that taste, so I will introduce it to everyone.

The authentic Hakata Tonkotsu ramen is delicious in Tsurukamedou

Strong thin noodle which is easy to eat and rich pork bone soup. You can eat such authentic Hakata ramen in Tsurukamedou at cheap. Its rich and creamy Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen is exquisite. Besides, Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen is 640 yen, which is quite easy to eat at a reasonable price. A rich flavor of Hakata Tonkotsu ramen that sometimes we want to eat. This time I will introduce Hakata Tonkotsu noodles of Tsurukamedou.

The rich Yokohama Iekei ramen you can enjoy even in Okinawa, Oozakura

Once you eat it becomes addictive, rich and umami strong ramen. That is the Yokohama Iekei ramen. Yokohama Iekei ramen which can not be forgotten easily once you eat it. There are many fans in Okinawa too. For those who like Yokohama Iekei ramen, I would like to recommend Ramen Oozakura. A popular shop which develops in Kanagawa Yokohama which is the home of Iekei ramen has also landed in Okinawa. I ate such a Iekei ramen and Tsukemen noodles, so I will introduce it to everyone.

If you want to eat full-fledged Miso Ramen in Okinawa Sanpachi recommended

"Where is the delicious ramen shop in Nago?", The Ramen shop that taught me when I heard the acquaintance "Ramen Sanpachi". You can eat authentic Miso ramen in Hokkaido. Both noodles, soup, sauce and chashuu, the main materials are all sent directly from Hokkaido. Therefore, Miso Ramen is the authentic taste of Hokkaido itself. In Okinawa it became easy to enjoy the authentic taste.

If you want to eat delicious soy sauce ramen in Okinawa, Naka shouten

In Okinawa it has recently increased the number of delicious ramen shops. There are an increasing number of delicious ramen shops such as rich pork bone soy sauce ramen Ie-kei, Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen, Tsukemen, etc. Okinawa soba shops only in the past but there were no ramen shops, the times are changing in the direction. I am glad that I like ramen. In such circumstances, it is delicious soy sauce ramen that I can not find unexpectedly. There are many stores of pig bone (Tonkotsu) ramen and tsukemen, but I did not see soy sauce ramen. In the meantime, finally I found a delicious soy sauce ramen shop. That is "Naka shouten". It is a full-fledged soy sauce ramen with thick soy sauce in Yuasa Town, Wakayama Prefecture.

Totora Rich thick Paitan ramen is excellent, cheap, delicious and good volume

Everyone who likes chicken, occasionally you want to eat rich and delicious Paitan ramen based on chicken soup stock? If you like Tonkotsu ramen, miso ramen and salt ramen, but if you like chicken you would like to eat delicious Paitan ramen based on chicken soup stock. In Okinawa the number of delicious ramen shop has increased recently. Still there are not many shops of delicious Paitan ramen based on chicken soup stock. Since I have found a delicious ramen shop of such valuable chiken based ramen, I will introduce it to everyone. That is "Totora". It is a sister store of a famous Okinawa soba shop "Ishigufuu". That alone, deliciousness is transmitted.

Rich Tonkotsu ramen and friendly gentle salt ramen are delicious, Tondou

"We want to make ramen culture root in Okinawa." It is Tondou that keeps making Ryukyu new ramen with such a hot belief in Okinawa. They love Okinawa, they also like ramen, they are trying hard to root Okinawa Ramen (Ryukyu Shinmen). Recently it seems that a new shop has opened in Taiwan as well as in Okinawa. Ryukyus Shinmen has started to enter not only Okinawa but also Asia. I ate such Tonkotsu ramen (man taste) and salt ramen (female taste).

If you want to eat Iekei ramen in the Okinawa, Shouya

The Iekei ramen which has continued to attract ramen loveers in all over Japan. Rich Tonkatsu ramen become habitable, there are times when I want to eat asexually for some reason. Of course, we can eat delicious Iekei ramen even in Okinawa. That is this Shouya. It is finishing a rich Tonkotsu ramen unique to Iekei ramen to a mellow and smelly soup and it is also recommended for those who are beginners of Tonkotsu ramen. The Shouya where you can eat delicious rich Tonkotsu ramen. This time I will introduce about such Shouya.

After you drink on Kokusai-dori international street, the last ramen is here “Nariyoshi”

After drinking and eating a delicious Orion beer or awamori on Kokusai-dori (international street), we want to eat the ramen at the end after all. A ra-men shop recommended for such the last ramen, "Ryukyu Island Pork Ramen Nariyoshi". Because it is in the side street of international street and it is open until midnight, it is OK to drink until late at night. But if you eat drink rich Tonkotsu ramen and Tsukemen after drinking, it is quite satisfactory even in your full stomach. Please try visiting the ramen shop.

Good Tonkotsu ramen! Hakata Daruma in AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom

Hakata authentic Tonkotsu Ramen is exquisite! It is Hakata Daruma on the 4th floor of AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom that you can eat delicious Tnkotsu (soup based pig bone) ramen. Tonkotsu ramen's main home Hakata intact noodles, rich pork bone soup ramen is delicious! Because it is a thin noodle ramne, you are a little hungry on the way of shopping, perfect for the scene. Even a child can eat smoothly, so it is also recommended for families.

A gentle and refreshing taste Tsukemen shop Takeran located on the Kokusai dori street, perfect for hot days

It's a gentle taste Tsukemen noodle shop using abundant pigs and vegetables from Okinawa, which is located on the Kokusai dori street Tsukemen Takeran. Luxurious oysters Dashi taken over time, using island pigs, vegetables, fish and other good ingredients from Okinawa, are gentle refreshing tastes, perfect for summer hot days without appetite. I ate such a nice Tsukemen noodle so I will introduce it to everyone.

Mendou-Kuroton is delicious ramen, even female customers are easy to enter

A ramen restaurant where tasty ramen is delicious, the inside of the shop is clean and it is easy to enter women. That is Mendou-Kuroton. Ramen shop is always a male shopkeeper and the shops are cluttered, and women are hard to enter. Still Mendou-Kuroton is a ramen shop that is easy to enter even a woman because there are female clerks as well. I ate a ramen in such Mendou-Kuroton.

If you want to eat Jiro ramen in Okinawa, AKAHIGE Ramen in NAHA

Heavy vegetables, thick noodles with eating response, thick Tonkotsu soy sauce soup, thick sliced pig meat, and garlic. Jiro ramen with addiction that swept the ramen lovers in Japan. If you want to eat such Jiro ramen in Okinawa, "AKAHIGE Ramen" in NAHA city. When I was a child, I could not eat ramen at all in Okinawa, but now I can eat delicious ramen in Japan. It is a good time.

If you want to eat both Rich pork bone ramen and Rich Okinawa soba, Kichinto in Haebaru

If you want to eat Okinawa soba. But sometimes we also want to eat ramen. If you like noodles, you sometimes feel this complex feeling. Then "Kichinto" in Haebaru town is perfect. You can eat rich pork bone (Tonkotsu) ramen and rich Okinawa soba deliciously either. Rich pork born ramen which is written largely in the signboard of the shop is not a lie? I actually eat it and make sure.