"Ramen and Tsukemen"List

I will introduce the famous ramen shops that recommended by the locals. In addition to our site, I also post Okinawa’s beach, recommended shops of Okinawa soba, souvenirs etc. from the local people’s eyes. Please have a look.

Toryumon in Naha city is delicious in rich Dandan noodles

Sometimes you will want to eat punchy and exciting ramen. At that time, there is a recommended ramen shop in Naha City. Strong scent of yam, rich sesame and miso flavor, and strong umami taste that makes your mouth numb. It is a restaurant where the rich Dandan noodles are delicious. I knew the name of this store before, but it was hard to come to the store. One day I had a business in Naha City, I went to Touryumon.

Tsukemen and ramen are also good! Small ramen shop in Yomitan village Shirosaki

When going out with family, it is nice to have a restaurant where you can eat both Tsukemen and ramen, right? If you eat lots of ramen with your children with different taste preferences, you can eat happily without fighting. At that time the perfect ramen shop is in Yomitan village "Menya Shirosaki". Although it is a small ramen restaurant, there are various kinds of ramen, and Tsukemen is a delicious shop.

Good Tsukemen Ramen restaurant in Okinawa City, Menya-Gochi

There is a narrow trail that enters a side street, a long slope road, and a famous restaurant of Ramen and Tsukemen which is a place that it is difficult to understand. That is Menya-Gochi in Okinawa city. It is a ramen shop in an incomprehensible place, but it is a famous restaurant where visitors are constantly coming to visit. I have eaten such Gochi's Tsukemen and Mazemen.