I introduce the places where you can play, recommended by the locals. I also have post the beach of recommendation, the famous shop of Okinawa soba, the Izakaya and bar. from the viewpoint of the local people. Please have a look.

I enjoyed Blue Note @ Loisir Hotel Okinawa

“Blue Note Tokyo” is a jazz club that is acclaimed by the world's top artists. The Blue Note Tokyo Jazz Orchestra is the first landing in Okinawa. Even I am not familiar with music, I often hear Blue Note names. Honestly, I am an amateur who don't understand jazz or music well, but I wanted to spend adult time listening to authentic music once a year. It was a little expensive ticket, but I tried it out.

I participated in the Okinawa marathon in 2019! I could finish!

I participated in the Okinawa marathon, a full marathon event that we can run through the US military base only in Japan. And although I was in full marathon for the first time, I finished successfully! It was my first full-marathon challenge when I was 40 years old, but I was able to finish successfully. I was so happy that the cheering people on the roadside, and I was able to run to the end.

I participated in the Kunigami trail walk where we can fully enjoy the subtropical forest in Okinawa Yanbaru

Trail walk that we can enjoy the subtropical forest only in Japan. I participated in that Kunigami Trail Walk. Trailwalk and trail run that will celebrate the 6th this year. Even if I am Okinawan people, Yanbaru natural forest that we rarely get into usually. I participated in a trail walk where I can enjoy the nature of Yanbaru with my child. It was a very pleasant event, as I was able to feel the natural sound and wind and smell of Yanbaru forest.

I went to MONGOL 800 Fes What a Wonderful World 18!

Heisei Last summer festival, I went to Mongol 800 music festival "What a Wonderful World 18" Summer festival even in November! This is Okinawa. Summer Music Festival held once every two years, hosted by Okinawa-born artist Mongol 800. It is the last summer festival of Heisei era at Chura SUN Beach, Toyosaki, a popular beach in Okinawa. It was the highest comfortable festival bathed in the sea breeze by the clean sea of Chura SUN beach. This time I will tell you the impression of participating in the Mongol 800 Summer music festival. Sorry I could only join one day on November 4th (Sunday) with my demands. On the contrary, I enjoyed music and drinks from 12 o'clock lunch time to 9 o'clock night.

I went to the 42nd Okinawa Industrial Festival!

I went to the Okinawa Industrial Festival where all the products and services of local companies that are closely related to the life of Okinawa come together. Familiar companies looking at TV commercial on a daily basis, as well as companies that are found at supermarkets and convenience stores, shops that have heard names, products of unfamiliar companies, etc. Okinawa Industry festival that we can experience products and services of various companies and shops active in Okinawa at once! It was fresh and fun just looking at the stalls and shops that are completely different from the regular festival. This time I will introduce the state of such Okinawa industry festival for a brief moment.

I went to B’z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2018 HINOTORI at the Okinawa Convention Center!

I went to the B'z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2018 HINOTORI! I was able to taste Inaba's raw song and Mr. Matsumoto's guitar raw sound in the same space, and I was able to have a very happy time. I really got a lot of Pleasure. I appreciate being able to experience B'z LIVE in Okinawa! This time it is not my introduction of Okinawa, but my impression as just a B'z fan. Please pardon.

At Sakimoto Gorilla Chop beach a small child safe to swim with fun, introduce with underwater videoas

Summer Okinawa, blue sky, beautiful beach. If you come to Okinawa as much as you want, you want to swim in the summer beach. If you are a parent with small children, you want your children to swim too. But if you have not swim too much in the sea, you are worried that you can swim really safely and fun. But at Sakimotobu beach, so-called Gorilla chop. If it is Sakimoto Beach even beginners and small children can safely swim fun. I will introduce such Sakimotobu beach with underwater animation which is actually swimming at Sakimoto beach. Whether you have a small child or you are a beginner, you can swim with tropical fish at the Sakamoto Gorilla Chop.

I have been snorkeling at the Okinawa secret beach only locals know, Hanashiro Beach in Yaese Town

It is a secret beach whose only local Okinawa people know remains unchanged, the natural sea of Okinawa remained intact. That is Hanashiro Beach in Yaese town. I have been snorkeling at Hanashiro Beach where such nature's charm of Okinawa packed a lot. It was sunny this day, it was very nice weather and I enjoyed swimming. I also took a snapshot of the snookeling, so please have a look.

[Underwater video] Snorkeling Odo coast beach reef that gets deeper than 15m

Emerald green and cobalt blue meet, the boundary of the sea. The area at the boundary of the ocean where the water depth gets deeper than 10 meters is called a "Reef". Even from the sky or land, it change from emerald green to cobalt blue, so you can see it immediately. I swam around such a reef by snorkeling. The popular swimming beach "Odo Coast Beach". At low tide the depth of the water in the reef is shallow and it is a popular beach that you can safely swim even small children. I took a video of underwater by swimming around the reef of such a Odo coast beach. Please see the power around the reef where the water depth gets deep at once.

Odo Coast beach you can swim with tropical fish for beginners or children, snorkeling Introduction with underwater video

Speaking of summer in Okinawa it is still a beautiful beach. You'd like to swim with tropical fishes while being shaken by comfortable waves, dazzling sunshine at clean ocean. Beautiful nature beach that is perfect for swimming with such tropical fish is Odo Coast Beach in Itoman City. It is a beautiful beach of the main island of Okinawa, where you can easily swim with natural coral and tropical fish. Snorkeling Even beginners and children can swim with confidence. It is a popular beach known locally as a point of diving and surfing. This time I will introduce this Odo Coast Beach with a video that actually swam.

Ocean Expo Park fireworks festival at 2017, introducing fireworks videos in the front row

"Ocean Expo Memorial Park firework display" is an event that we can enjoy all such summer tradition. In Okinawa's largest fireworks festival, tens of thousands of people crowd every year. We have seen the popular beach of Ocean Expo Park, Emerald Beach, beautiful fireworks shining in summer night sky, 2017. Moreover, this year we are watching fireworks in the front row. The fireworks that are hit from just 100 meters are bigger than our sight, the sound of fireworks echoes throughout our body and is tremendous force. There were plenty of people, it was hard to wait during a hot day, but it is enough power to blow away the fatigue. I will introduce such a Ocean Expo Fireworks Festival with a movie of fireworks.

If you are driving for Okinawa recommend the Kaichu-douro (Sea road), after watching the beautiful sea you can play Marine Sports at Ikei Beach

For a pleasant sunny day, we would like to enjoy driving. If you are coming to Okinawa as much as you like, looking at the beautiful Okinawa ocean, feeling a pleasant breeze and running the car, you feel good. Today I will introduce Kaichu-douro (Sea Road) recommended for driving on such a fine day. A Kaichu-douro crossing the exhilarating emerald blue sea. It is recommended for a pleasant drive course! Both right and left are beautiful seas of Okinawa! It feels like running on the sea

Not only Churaumi Aquarium! Planetarium and Dolphin Theater are full of sights in Ocean Expo Park

Do you think that the view of the Ocean Expo Memorial Park is only the Churaumi Aquarium? In reality there are many other places of interest. Planetarium, Okichan 's theater (Dolphin show), and Tropical dream center are sightseeing spots that can only be seen at this Ocean Expo Memorial Park. If you came all the way to the Churaumi Aquarium, I definitely would like you to see sightseeing spots on this page.

Introduction of good rates of Churaumi Aquarium and videos of whale shark and manta swimming

When you come to Okinawa sightseeing, you will definitely come here. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. Whale shark and manta are swimming in the same aquarium only in the Churaumi Aquarium, even among the world's aquariums! Breeding of whale sharks, the flock of manta which is the largest ray, it is only this Churaumi Aquarium! Let's show you the good fee of such Churaumi Aquarium, and let you see the whale shark and manta are actually swimming. If you look at this page, you can also enjoy the Churaumi Aquarium at great price.

Introducing Sakimotobu Beach you can swim with fish safely for beginners or even small children with video

If you are coming to Okinawa at a great price, you'd like to swim with fish on a beautiful beach. But you are not good at swimming, you hesitate a bit if you are with a small child. I would like to introduce to you such as Sakimotobu Beach. Even beginners who are not good at swimming or with small 3 year old children can swim with tropical fish safely and fun. In fact at Sakimotobu Beach My son who was 3 years old and my late 60's father and mother can swim safely. I will introduce the situation with videos.

Introducing Sakimotobu Beach you can swim with tropical fish in beautiful Okinawa sea with video

If you come to Okinawa, you want to swim in the beautiful sea. You would like to swim with tropical fish in a transparent, clear and beautiful sea. A wonderful sea that you can satisfy that wish is Sakimotobu Beach (commonly known as gorilla chop). There is a big rock like a gorilla karate chop, so it is called by a local diver with the nickname of a gorilla chop.

Introduce the Ocean Expo park firework festival with video the biggest in Okinawa

The biggest fireworks festival in Okinawa, it is "Ocean Expo Park firework festival". More than 14,000 fireworks will color the ocean at night. Enjoy summer fireworks on a beautiful beach. It is a popular summer event in Okinawa Prefecture, crowded with tens of thousands of people every year. This page introduces the Ocean Expo Park fireworks festival with a video. Although the power of fireworks could not be photographed with a poor movie of smartphone, it would be nice if you still got atmosphere even a little.

Chatan Mihama Sunset Beach with a beautiful setting sun, here is recommended if you play in Chatan

Last time I introduced Chatan Mihama American Village. Chatan Mihama area filled with delicious cafés, bars and taverns, sundries and various souvenirs, the charm of Okinawa sightseeing is tight. This time I would like to introduce Chatan Mihama Sunset Beach, a very beautiful beach. How is the photo above? It is a picture taken with a smartphone in the evening on a sunny day in winter. You can enjoy a beautiful sunset as it is the name of Sunset Beach. As long as it is sunny, you can take pictures of the beautiful sunset in summer, winter, and any season. If you enjoy shopping and cafe in Chatan, please also visit this Mihama Sunset Beach.

Chatan Mihama American Village beautiful beach, cafe and shopping a lot

When you come to Okinawa travel, Chatan Mihama American Village! From miscellaneous goods to various souvenirs, Beautiful beach, delicious cafes, bars and izakaya are areas where the charm of Okinawa sightseeing is tightly packed. About 1 hour by car from Naha Airport. Located in the middle of the main island of Okinawa, I think that people visiting on a trip are certainly visiting areas. Many people related to the US military in the vicinity of the Chatan, English will be heard normally in the streets. Exactly American Village! On this page I will introduce about Chatan Mihama American Village.

Okinawa beach which is perfect for walking even in winter, Hamabaru beach in Onna village

It is fun to swim with tropical fish on the beach in summer Okinawa, but the Okinawa sea in winter also has a different feeling and is comfortable. This time I will introduce the Okinawa beach which is perfect for walking even in winter. Especially when the weather is good, the wind is comfortable and you must feel good. There are few people, perfect for a couple. In the evening you can see the beautiful setting sun, and enjoy the ocean sea without swimming. Please feel free to enjoy shooting the atmosphere with the movie

Let’s see the Okinawa beach from the sky, Motor paraglider [With videos]

Okinawa's sea is more than just enjoying swimming. You can also enjoy Okinawa sea from the sky. That is Motor paraglider! You can enjoy the beautiful sea of Okinawa from the sky by flying in the sky with feeling like a bird. Since the motor is attached to the paraglider, it can fly toward the sky from the coast. When you fly in the sky, everything is a beautiful sea of Okinawa! Moreover, it is almost a living body, so a sense of exhilaration is amazing! I feel more refreshing than a sense of fear. Such activities can be enjoyed in Okinawa.

Okinawa beach children can also swim with tropical fish together “Bisesaki Beach”

If you want to swim in the beautiful Okinawa beach! If you also want children to swim with nature's tropical fish. You want your children to feel the nature of the sea in Okinawa. But you do not know where the beach is good. Where children can also swim with tropical fish is "Bisesaki Beach". Actually my daughter in the second grade of elementary school also swims with tropical fish many times. Until now I've been introducing beach near the coast and, the surroundings of the reaf. You can enjoy the sea of Okinawa well with the children even near the coast, but the place on the west side of Bisesaki Beach is also fun with another atmosphere. I will introduce it with videos which are actually swimming this time as well. The red part below is the west side of Bisesaki beach which I swam this time.

Okinawa beach where you can swim with tropical fish, Bisesaki Beach Reef [with video]

If you want to swim with tropical fish in a beautiful Okinawa sea! But you do not have a diver license or equipment. Then, you can see coral reefs and swim with tropical fish with snorkeling alone, such beach is the best. One such beach is "Bisesaki Beach". Last time I showed the state of the beach near the coast with a video. Near the coast is a beach that you can swim with tropical fish with confidence whether you are not good at swimming or with a small child. This time I will introduce the out around reef of Bisesaki Beach for intermediate level and advanced level. You may not quite understand even if it is called out reaf. When looking at the sea of Okinawa, near the coast is green and it suddenly turns into blue. It is a place that suddenly becomes deeper, saying the place that rapidly changes to blue is called out Reef flat. The place I swam is the red part of the picture below.

Okinawa Beach Bisesaki where you can swim with tropical fishes [with videos]

Speaking of Okinawa, the beautiful beach! You want to swim in a beautiful sea. If possible, you'd like to swim with tropical fish. I will introduce you the beautiful beach recommended in Okinawa where you can swim with tropical fishes. First of all I will introduce "Bisesaki Beach". It is a natural beach near Churaumi Aquarium and Bise Fukugi Namiki. Because it is with the videos which are actually swimming, you can understand the state of Bisesaki Beach. If you want to swim with tropical fish in Okinawa sea, Bisesaki Beach is recommended. You can swim with tropical fish just snorkeling. There are many coral reefs just beyond the coast and tropical fish are swimming, so you can easily swim with tropical fish with snorkeling! My daughter in the second grade of elementary school also swims over and over so it is safe for tourists with children to swim safely. In fact, foreign tourists and Japanese tourists are also swimming a lot.

Motobu Yaedake Cherry Blossom Festival, the earliest cherry blossom festival in Japan

The Motobu Yaedake Cherry Blossom Festival. Well, when do you think the season of cherry blossoms in Okinawa ? It is late March to the beginning of April is the cherry blossom season in Japan. But Okinawa is different! Late January to early February is the cherry blossom season. After the New Year has passed since the adult day (Japan holiday) passed. And cherry season! There is no seasonal feeling (laugh). The climate of Okinawa is the only subtropical climate in Japan. That's why we feel spring, summer, autumn and spring rather than the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Compared with Japan island I think that it is sensuous to say that there is no winter in Okinawa.