"Okinawa Soba or Local restaurant"List

I introduce the famous shops of Okinawa soba, recommended by local people, and the cafeteria familiar to local people. In addition to, I also post Okinawa’s beaches, Izakaya’ pubs, souvenirs etc. from the local’s eyes. Please have a look.

Delicious Okinawa soba using fresh Okinawa fish, Fuukaki soba

There are many delicious Okinawa soba restaurants in Okinawa. The soup stock of Okinawa soba is basically a combination of pork bones, bonito, kelp, soy sauce. Under such circumstances, I found a delicious Okinawa soba restaurant using fresh and delicious fish from Okinawa (called dialect of Imaiyu in dialect). That is “Fuukaki soba” in Uruma City. I have eaten elegant and delicious Okinawa soba using Okinawan fresh fish caught by the owner.

Delicious, cheap and good volume, Chanpuru shokudou in Kin town

Speaking of Okinawan restaurants, there are many shops that are good, cheap, and full of volume, with this triple time. We are glad that we can eat delicious food full. And I found another restaurant with all three beats. That's the Champuru Shokudou in Kin town. From that name, it’s like a restaurant in Okinawa. I had a delicious lunch at the Chanpuru cafeteria on a certain holiday.

All-you-can-drink Shiikuwasa Juice and Soki soba is delicious at YONAR’S

Ogimi Village in Okinawa Prefecture, one of the longest living villages in Japan. Shiikuwasa juice is often drunk in Ogimi Village. All-you-can-drink healthy Shiikuwasa Juice, as well as delicious Okinawan classic dishes such as Soki soba and bone soup. That’s YONAR'S. There is a factory for Shiikuwasa juice, and all-you-can-drink Shikuwasa juice directly from the factory. This time I will introduce YONAR'S.

A delicious Okinawa soba restaurant with homemade noodles and umami-rich soup “Chodeguwa”

Homemade noodles with excellent texture and delicious soup with rich umami. Chodeguwa is a restaurant in Nishihara town where you can eat such delicious Okinawa soba. “Chodeguwa” is an Okinawan dialect meaning brothers. It is a popular Okinawa soba restaurant that is crowded with local customers and families every day. It has been pursuing the deliciousness and types of Okinawa soba noodles. I have eaten delicious Okinawa soba, a popular Okinawa soba shop in Nishihara Town.

Iibaruya is a delicious Soki soba resutaurant with pork bone and salt soup

There is an Okinawan soba restaurant in Itoman-shi where you can enjoy the delicious soup that is popular with local elder Ozzy and Ober. That is the Soba restaurant Iibaruya introduced today. The appearance is also beautiful, and the proud soup is seasoned with only pork bone and salt, but it is surprisingly refreshing. I went to the Iibaruya and ate it with the soaked Soki soba.

A long-established restaurant popular with local and foreign customers, Mickey in Okinawa City has a gentle taste of grand mother

Established in 1970. Mickey is a long-established restaurant that is popular among Okinawan locals, American military bases, and foreign tourists. I knew the name for a while and wanted to go and see it once, but I wasn't blessed with the opportunity to go, but I passed by the restaurant, but I finally went to Mickey.

A long-established Yoneya that combines the same taste for half a century, Awamori, Oden and Okinawa soba are excellent!

Prefectural office location that is the center of Naha city. Close to this central location, close to Kokusai-dori, there is a long-established Okinawa Oden restaurant that retains the same taste for over half a century. That is Yeneya. It is a rare old-fashioned red tile house store in the center of this Naha city, and it is a well-established izakaya that people who know to continue to provide traditional Okinawan oden.

100 meals a day only! Okinawa soba of old-fashioned good Kikuya in Naha city

Okinawa soba restaurant like a hiding place quietly standing in a quiet residential area of Naha city. It is today's "Kikuya". Kikuya is a Okinawa soba shop where you can eat delicious old Okinawa soba that celebrities visit. Okinawa soba made carefully is 100 foods a day only. I have been eating the precious Okinawa soba, so I will introduce it to everyone.

Nago fishing port fishery direct sales shop is recommended for fish lovers! Fresh fish dishes are delicious

You can eat fresh fish dishes using freshly picked fish purchased in the morning. That is Nago fishing port fishery direct sales shop. It is located in the corner of Nago fishing port and is directly managed by Nago Fishery Cooperative Association, so freshness and taste of fish are no doubt. For those who like fish, I definitely want you to eat at this shop.

If you want to eat delicious fish dish, recommend Oujima Seafood Restaurant

The island surrounded by beautiful sea, Okinawa. There is a wide variety of fish in the clear ocean of emerald blue. A fish inhabiting a subtropical ocean different from the mainland Japan. Of course, Okinawa has many delicious dishes using such diverse fish. When you want to eat good fish dishes, the restaurant of recommendation is "Oujima Seafood Restaurant" (Oujima Kaisanbutsu Shokudou)

Speaking of Chii-Iricha, Hisamatsu Shokudou in Kintown

"Eat everything except cries". It is a saying of Okinawa like pork. As we said, we really eat all of the pigs except for crying. As well as pork, we eat deliciously without spending all the viscera and face. Of course, we eat it until we cook the pig's blood tightly. Okinawa cuisine using such pig's blood is "Chii-Iricha". If I literally translate it, "Stir and boiled pig blood". Knowing the meaning may not cause appetite very much (laugh). Because it's boiled with pig's blood. But this is the only pork dish that can be eaten only in Okinawa. Recently the number of restaurant to offer in Okinawa Prefecture has also decreased. A restaurant famous for such delicious Chii-Iricha is "Hisamatsu Shokudou" in Kin Town. This time I will introduce that Hisamatsu Shokudou.

Cheap and delicious Okinawan cuisine restaurant Mikasa in the city center of Naha

There is a cheap Okinawan cuisine restaurant even in the city center of Naha. That is Mikasa. It is a well-known mass eatery which has been operating in Naha city for more than 50 years. The cuisine made by Okinawa Ammar (meaning lady in dialect) is a simple and gentle taste of home-cooked Okinawa cuisine. And the price is reasonable and it is a wallet-friendly restaurant. I ate lunch in Mikasa with my children along the stroll in Naha. This time I will introduce about Mikasa like that.

A handmade grilled chicken is excellent! Restaurant Machida in Nishihara Town

There is a restaurant in Nishihara town, where the taste of handmade is a creed and firmly filling the stomach. Nishihara town specialty restaurant, it is Restaurant Machida. The menu with plenty of volume at reasonable prices has been loved by Nishihara people for more than 30 years. I have eaten a delicious chicken of exquisite dishes at the restaurant Machida that cherish the handmade taste.

Freshly baked Japanese soba with fresh buckwheat from Oogimi village is so delicious! Esunohana

Speaking of Soba in Okinawa, Okinawa soba made with 100% wheat flour is mainstream. There are restaurant that have delicious Japanese soba using buckwheat flour in such Okinawa. It is Esunohana that uses delicious buckwheat made in Oogimi village and boiled freshly made Japanese soba. It is a restaurant that you can enjoy fresh aroma and taste of buckwheat because they cook a Japanese soba after receiving an order. I was hungry on the way back from the Kunigami trail walk

Marunaga shokudou in Okinawa City has more than 40 years of! It is a delicious eatery with a full volume

There is a long-established dining room that is loved in Okinawa City for more than 40 years since its foundation in 1964. That is Marunaga shokudou. Cooking with plenty of fresh vegetables and making the taste of Umami popular among local elderly and regular customers. And plenty of volume. Over 40 years, I went to the Marunaga shokudou to eat cuisine that has been loved in the local Okinawa city.

Roots of Okinawa soba “Toujin soba” is delicious! Uchina-ya in Yaese town

Do you know that there was a soba that became the roots of Okinawa soba? "Toujin soba" called the origin of Okinawa soba was sold in 1902 and developed. It is said that it is now near Okinawa soul food of Okinawa local people. The roots of Okinawa soba, reproduced for the first time in 110 years, "Toujin soba". If you like Okinawa soba, you should definitely eat Toujin soba. There is a restaurant where we can eat such Toujin soba in Yaese town Uchina-ya. I went to the Uchina-ya soon.

A restaurant where Okinawa and Brazil were mixed!

Okinawa and Brazil mixed restaurant! That is in Nago City Brazil Shokudou (dining room). Brazilian cuisine made by Brazilian shopkeeper and Okinawa soba are famous restaurant. And he worked for many years at Brazilian coffee plantation, also managed a coffee specialty shop, the authentic Brazilian coffee where the owners who have walked with coffee for many years are brewed. I have tasted Okinawa soba and Brazilian coffee at home in Brazil Shokudou.

If you would like to eat delicious Okinawa cuisine at Mihama Chatan town, Mihama shokudou!

Popular tourist attractions in Okinawa, it is American Village and Sunset Beach in Mihama Chatan town. Mihama area has various shops and restaurants, and is an area crowded with a lot of tourists every day. There are various restaurants in Mihama area and I think you may be worried about where you should eat. If you want to eat delicious Okinawa cuisine crowded with local people, "Mihama Shokudou" is recommended. From lunch to dinner, the Mihama shokudou is full of local Okinawan, you can eat delicious and plentiful Okinawa cuisine at reasonable prices. Besides Okinawa soba and Champloo, deep Okinawan cuisine, "Hone jiru (Bone soup)" is also delicious. I will introduce about such Mihama shokudou.

Maasando in Haebaru town is good with Okinawa’s unique soup dish and full volume!

Okinawa soba, Goya champuloo, Chiiricyaa etc. There are lots of unique dishes in Okinawa. But Okinawa cuisine is not the only one. There are lots of Okinawa's special soup dishes such as goat soup, beef soup and horse soup. It is a local restaurant that is good at Okinawa's distinctive soup dish with a full volume, Maasandou in Haebaru town. Squid ink soup, Inamuduchi soup, Nakami soup, etc. Okinawa's unique soup dish is cheap and delicious mass eatery. At lunch time it is crowded with working father, families at night and are popular cafeteria in the local area. This time I will introduce such a Maasandou.

Yachimun Shokudou in Yaese town is reasonably priced and full volume

There are lots of mass eateries where you can eat Okinawa home cuisine such as Okinawa soba, champuru set meal, Nakami soup, etc. at a reasonable price with full volume. A popular dining hall that continues to support Okinawa people stomach appetite. This time I will introduce one such Okinawan cafeteria "Yachimun Shokudou". Okinawa home-cooked dishes of all kinds are abundant full volume. It is a perfect cafeteria for lunch and work.

I tried Beaf soup, Goat soup, Duck soup and Horse soup at the Manpuku Shokudou in Nanjo City

Speaking of Okinawan cuisine, what do you think of? There are lots of Okinawa's distinctive cuisines such as Soki soba, Taco Rice, Champloo. Meanwhile, there are many Okinawan cuisines that people who know, only the local men do eat. That is beef soup, Goat soup (dialect Hiijya), Duck soup, Horse soup. Of course, each meat and internal organs stewed as it is soup. It is not a very major dish, like eating at specialty shops, but it is also a popular dish with persistent fans in each. A restaurant where you can taste such beef soup, goat soup, duck soup and horse sup is "Manpuku Shokudou" in Nanjo City. I tried eating beef soup, goat soup, duck soup and horse soup at such a comfortable dining room.

Mikado in Naha City where you can easily taste Okinawan home cuisine

A well-established dining restaurant where we can easily taste more than 30 kinds of Okinawan home cuisine such as champloo and simmered dish. That is in Naha city "Mikado". You can eat homemade home cooking of Okinawa's aunits at a reasonable price. Because it is open from early morning until late at night, it is a popular dining hall for Okinawa people and taxi drivers on the way home from work. It is also famous as a restaurant of the original Okinawa Champon.

Ie beef direct selling shop you can easily eat the illusion of Ie beef! Beef soup and steak don bow are good!

The meat lovers it is Uchina-nanchu (Okinawa people)! Okinawa people do like not only pork. We also like beef. There are customs in Okinawa to eat a variety of meat such as Soki soba (pork), Hiijar (goat), Ahiraa soup (duck). It is such meat, but beef is the best, is not it? In Okinawa it is called Gyuujiru (beef soup), there is a unique soup with plenty of beef. "Ie beef direct selling shop" that Beef soup of Okinawa prefecture brand beef "Ie beef" can be easily eaten in Itoman City. As the name suggests, it is a directly managed shop which they go to processing and sales from Ie cattle's stock raising company in-house. Since it is a directly managed store, we can eat Ie beef cheaply and deliciously.

Okinawa soba full of stamina that can be eaten in Nago municipal market, Sakura dining room

Hot summer nationwide continues. If this hot day continues, is not the appetite falling down? But at such times, let's eat Okinawa soba with stamina full marks and rejuvenate. Nago City's municipal market has a dining room where you can eat Okinawa soba with stamina full marks. That is Sakura Shokudou (dining room). Sakura shokudou No.1 Okinawa soba is "Stamina Moyashi soba" which contains plenty of sprouts, chives and pork. I have eaten this stamina Moyashi soba in hot summer.

If you stop by Drive in southern part of Okinawa, Gushikami Drive-in is recommended

On sunny days it is nice to drive. Pleasant blue sky in Okinawa, and the drive while watching the beautiful sea is the best feeling. If you drive southern part of Okinawa, there is a drive-in restaurant that I recommend. That is "Gushikami Drive in". It is a restaurant that has been loved by many of the locals for many years. The lunch menu unique to Okinawa is rich in volume, said A lunch or B lunch.

Okinawa soba and champuru set menu that can be eaten at cheap rates in Naha airport, Kuukou Shokudou

Okinawa's Air gateway, Naha airport. It is the gateway connecting Okinawa and Japan, and the world. Tens of thousands of people use every day. It seems that most of people coming to Okinawa sightseeing use it. Although it is such Naha airport, there are many souvenir shops, and unfortunately there are few restaurants recommended. Because of the tenant fee at the airport, the current situation is that there are few restaurants that can be easily casually eaten because of a higher charge. Although it is such a Naha airport, there is a mass cafeteria used by airport officials. With that name as it is, "Kuukou Shokudou (Airport cafeteria)". At the Kuukou Shokudou, you can eat Soki soba and champuru set menu of Okinawa standard at reasonable prices. It is recommended for people who are not satisfied because the price of airport restaurant is expensive.

Pork cutlet and Soki soba are good with Aguu pig! Nangokutei in Yaese town

"We eat everything except pigs' barks." Okinawa citizen who likes pork like being told. After World War II, Agu, a pig inherent to Okinawa, was almost extinct for a while, but by farmers' efforts in recent years, it has also increased in Okinawa Prefecture. Agu pork that has long been loved by Okinawa citizens. There is a restaurant where you can eat pork cutlet and Soki soba with such Agu. That is "Nangokutei" in Yaese town. Agu pigs raised carefully on their own farms are completely different from ordinary pork. I ate such an excellent pork cutlet and Soki soba.

Refreshing Okinawa soba of Shimabukuya in Yaese town is perfect for hot summer in Okinawa

The sunny sun with a brisk appearance. Sweat that will not stop as soon as you walk outside. The sun in Okinawa in summer is murderous sunshine and tends to get down to the heat. My appetite is gone. But at such times I will want to eat Okinawa soba. The appetite falls, there is Okinawa soba restaurant which is perfect for the hot summer of Okinawa. It is in Yaese town "Okinawa soba specialty restaurant Shimabukuya". It is a pig bone base soup, but it is perfect for the summer of hot Okinawa with refreshing taste. This time I will introduce the delicious Okinawa soba shops to survive the hot summer.

Okinawa soba restaurant long-established for over 40 years founded is delicious with plenty of collagen

Established in 1973, Okinawa soba long-established restaurant for over 40 years. That is Yui in Ginowan City. Okinawa soba specialty restaurant at noon, Izakaya that you can enjoy Okinawa cuisine at night. It is also a okinawa soba restaurant that challenges the taste of the new Okinawa soba while preserving the taste of old-fashioned long-established stores. I have tasted such a well-established Okinawa soba.

Teianda is Okinawa soba shop in Naha, its homemade handmade raw noodles that took time and is good

Homemade hand-made raw noodles that took time and effort, soup that is delicious taste clearly. Such Okinawa soba can be eaten in Teianda in the new city center of Naha city. Teianda is Okinawan dialect, and it means the fat of hands when literal translation is done. It makes sense to cook with all my heart spending so much time as to soak my hands. I ate delicious Okinawa soba made with homemade hand-made raw noodles that took time to make.

Okinawa soba with a refined taste is good, Kinchichi soba in Yomitan village

Okinawa soba, thick and rich is delicious, but on hot days the Okinawa soba with a refined taste is also delicious. The restaurant where you can eat Okinawa soba of elegant and firm soup stock is Kinchichi soba in Yomitan village. While respecting the taste of traditional Okinawa soba, it is a restaurant that is pursuing the taste of new Okinawa soba. Even if the appetite is falling on a hot day, you can eat delicious Okinawa soba.

Fu Chanpuru and Okinawa soba are also cheap and good restaurant, Ikeda shokudou in Yonabaru town

There are really a lot of classic Okinawan cuisines such as FuChanpuru and Okinawa soba. Would you like to try Okinawan cuisine, which is usually eaten by local people, for tourists coming from outside Okinawa Prefecture? Such routine Okinawan cuisine such as Fu Champloo or Okinawa soba is good, and A cheaply eatery cafeteria is located in Yonabaru Town Ikeda shokudou. Ikeda shokudou is a popular dining hall loved by many of the locals. It is a popular cafeteria crowded with locals at lunch and dinner. This time I will introduce Ikeda shokudou.

If you want to eat delicious Ikasumi (squid ink) soup, Uomaru in Naha city recommended

Okinawa Island surrounded by the sea. Okinawa is only subtropical climate in Japan and has many kinds of fish different from mainland Japan. And there are also many Okinawan original dishes using fish from Okinawa. Among such unique fish dishes in Okinawa, is not it "Ikasumi soup (Squid ink soup)" famous for being televised on TV? Ikasumi soup that became black in a squid. Ikasumi's unique umami and richness will not be forgotten once you eat it. And if you want to eat delicious Ikasmi soup set menu, Uomaru in Naha city is recommended. It is the restaurant operated by fishmonger directly, you can eat fresh fish dishes at reasonable prices. This time I will introduce the Ikasumi soup set menu of Uomaru to everyone.

Tsuruya a long-established Okinawa soba shop that has been loved for more than half a century in Motobu town

Okinawa soba town, Motobu town. There are many Okinawa soba restaurant in the Motobu town. There is a long-established Okinawa soba restaurant that has been loved by local people for over half a century in such a fierce battlefield in Okinawa soba. I introduce today Tsuruya. Homemade noodles using wood ash and a gentle tasting soup is simple but deep taste. Its gentle taste attracts many Okinawa people. This time I will introduce Okinawa soba of such Tsuruya.

Famous long-established Okinawa soba restaurant Takaesu soba, its Nakami soba is also delicious

Even if I say Okinawa soba to a bite, there are many kinds of it unexpectedly. There are various kinds by topping of soba such as Soki soba, Sanmainiku soba, Tebichi soba, Yushitoufu soba and so on. What is surprisingly popular among such Okinawa soba is Yushitoufu soba! The gentle sweetness and softness of Yushitoufu makes a difference in the taste of Okinawa soba. And, if you say the original ancestor of Yushitoufu soba, Takaesu soba. But this Takaesu soba is not just Yushitoufu soba. Nakami soba is delicious and its history is old, it is a popular menu. I went the Takaesu soba this time and have eaten Nakami soba. The Nakami is the pig's internal organs with Okinawa's words. It is eaten often in Okinawa as a Nakami soup.

A long-established Okinawa soba shop Marutaka soba, which has been loved for over 70 years

For many years there is a famous Okinawa soba restaurant, which has met the stomach of local people in Nago City. I introduces today Marutaka Soba. It founded in 1948, it is a long-established Okinawa soba restaurant, which has been loved by Nago City for more than 70 years. I went to a long-established store that has long supported the stomachs of children in the growing season of Nago City, and I have tasted that Okinawa soba.

Delicious Okinawa soba Banzyutei in Yomitan village, firmly bonito taste, Soki, Tebichi and Sanmainiku three kind of meat

Yomitan village located just in the middle of Okinawa main island. There are many good Okinawa soba shops in Yomitan Village, which had been prosperous as an Okinawa lodging town in the past. This time, the combination of the three types of meat of Soki, Tebichi, and Sanmainiku is superb "Banzyutei" on a firm soup of bonito to introduce. Banzyutei's Okinawa soba is exquisitely matched with the refreshing bonito soup and the three kinds of meat's exquisite feeling, so you will not get tired of eating it every day.

Delicious Okinawa soba restaurant Hamaya, soup is clean and rich pig bone base

Speaking of popular place in Okinawa, Chatan town is convenient for shopping, the ocean is also beautiful, there are plenty of shops where the food is delicious. Speaking of popular old-fashioned Okinawa soba store in Chatan town, it is Hamaya. Hamaya is a long-established restarurant that you can eat Soki soba with unchanged taste from old days. If you want to eat Okinawa soba in Chatan, Hamaya is the BEST.

Delicious Okinawa soba to taste at a beautiful old private house surrounded by greenery, Suumanume

There are plenty of delicious Okinawa soba restaurants. But if you eat delicious Okinawa soba, you would like to taste it at a beautiful old private house surrounded by greens. A courtyard that is being carefully kept by old good houses full of good old Okinawa emotions. Such a Okinawa soba restaurant is "Suumanume". It's a delicious Okinawa soba restaurant where bonito is firm. This time I will introduce Suumanume.

Delicious Okinawa soba to eat in a fashionable cafe in Tsuboya, EIBUN

Speaking of Okinawa's lunch, it is Okinawa soba after all. Okinawa soba is building a firm position in the lunch of Okinawa so that it can no longer be a citizens' food. You can eat Okinawa soba in most popular cafeterias in Okinawa. Each restaurant has its own recipe, and you can eat delicious Okinawa soba with various tastes. The shop that offers Okinawa soba is mostly a cafeteria, a common-people atmosphere, in a nice sense old shops are not very clean. Meanwhile, Okinawa Soba EIBUN in Tsuboya you can eat delicious Okinawa soba in a stylish cafe-style shop. This time I will introduce such EIBUN.

A cheap and great popular cafeteria in Tsuboya, Tsuboya-no-shokudou

One of the tourist attractions of Naha city, Tsuboya Yachimun Street. This place famous for Yachimun (Okinawa's unique pottery) is a popular tourist destination where the good old atmosphere of Naha remains. If you like pottery, it is fun to explore your favorite cup and plate while walking around. There is a popular cafeteria of good old and cheap, tasty and great volume in the Tsuboya of such a good old downtown as well. It is introduced this time "Tsuboya no Sobaya". It is exactly the name of the dining room, but there are lots of cheap and delicious set meals besides Okinawa soba. This time I will introduce such a Tsuboya no Sobaya.

Homemade delicious Yushi tofu set meals you can eat at Nanahoshi restaurant in Shuri Naha city

What is different from Japanese tofu is Okinawa shima-tofu. The reason why it can be used for stir-fry like Champloo is the hardness of the shima-tofu itself and the taste of the soybean flavor. Even after stir-frying, it does not collapse, and only the shima-tofu in Okinawa matches the unique ingredients like goya. There is a restaurant where such Okinawa shima-tofu is cheaply deliciously eaten. That is Nanahoshi shokudou. Every day you can eat delicious tofu dishes made in handmade homemade. A homey gentle taste that will make you want to go every day. This time I will introduce such Nanahoshi shokudou.

Okinawa soba in old Japanese style house built for over 130 years, Komiya shokudou

As far as I have introduced the Okinawa old private dining hall for over 100 years Yagiya and Makabe Chinaa. Okinawa soba to eat in a building where you can feel Okinawa's good old atmosphere, taste and atmosphere are outstanding. Meanwhile, you can have delicious Okinawa soba and cuisine even at old Japanese style house that have different atmosphere from Okinawa style old private houses. That is "Komiya shokudou" It is a genuine Japanese style old private house which moved out of Niigata prefecture purposely to the old private Japanese style house built more than 130 years ago. I ate Okinawa soba at such an old private dining room.

Okinawa soba with plenty of seaweed Asa of Okinawa special product in an old private house built more than 100 years, Yagiya

Delicious Okinawa soba which you can have in an old private house more than 100 years of history. That is Yagiya. Yagiya is a historical old private house designated as a registered tangible cultural property of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. It is Okinawa soba with plenty of Okinawa's unique seaweed "Asa" at such an old private house. Asa soba that you can feel the scent of the sea in Okinawa. I went to Yagiya to eat such Asa soba.

Fresh and great seafood bowls at the fishing port of Urasoe city, Kaisen-shokudou Thiida

There are lots of delicious lunch menu in Okinawa. Okinawa soba, ramen, cafe and buffet, there are lots of good restaurants. In the meantime, sometimes the bowls are nice. On top of hot rice, fried freshly tempura rising. You can eat such a delicious bowl of rice, "Kaisen-shokudou Thiida". Both the hot tempura bowls and Okinawa soba are delicious, using fresh fish and shellfish.

Good Soki soba and curry delicious shop, Uehara soba store

Soki soba that adults and children love so much. Age and young man, regardless of age, everyone is a favorite Soki soba. Still when you go to a Okinawa soba shop with a young child, sometimes the child says "I want to eat curry". If you have a small child, you will be in trouble at such time. But this Uehara soba shop, do not worry about that. Soki soba with elegant bonito taste, curry which contains flavor of elegant soup, such as you can enjoy both.

Delicious Okinawa soba to be served at a 100-year-old private house, Yutakayasoba

Speaking of Okinawa, after all Okinawa soba. There are plenty of delicious Okinawa soba restaurants, but there is a shop with delicious Okinawa soba that you can have at an old private house for over 100 years, for example. That is "Yutakayasoba". Okinawa soba to eat in a 100-year old private house that feels the atmosphere of old good Okinawa is superb.

Okinawa soba using fresh Mozuku harvested from the sea in front of shop, Kunnatou

Fresh Mozuku grew up in the beautiful sea of Okinawa. Fresh mozuku that is thick and has a response to eating. The Okinawa soba shop where you can eat Okinawa soba with such fresh Mozuku is "Kunnatou". A beautiful Okinawa sea in front of the shop! Okinawa soba using fresh Mozuku collected from such a beautiful sea is exquisite. This time I will introduce you to the Mozuku soba.

This is Okinawa dining hall! The Yanbaru-shokudou is cheap and full of stomach

For over 43 years, Okinawa dining hall has been supporting Okinawa people's stomachs from students to elder men. That is Yanbaru shokudou. We can eat Homemade style dishes of Okinawa's mothers full. The nearby Okinawa University students, high school students, working guys and to tourists recently are also crowded with lots of people. I was hungry and have eaten A lunch of Yanbaru Shokudou.

Cheap delicious Okinawa soba shop Makishi soba near Makishi public market

Staple of Okinawa's lunch, Okinawa soba. Okinawa people and people who visited Okinawa prefecture as well as sightseeing, it is easy for them to eat deliciously in Okinawa. This time I will introduce shops that we can eat 390 yen super Cheap Okinawa soba. "Makishi soba" is near the Makishi public market where many citizens of Okinawa and tourists visit. Cheap and delicious Okinawa soba of 390 yen. It is a shop near Okinawa soba with the best cost performance.

Speaking of Okinawa popular dining hall Ayagu-shokudou, cheap, good and volume full scale

Speaking of Okinawa dining hall, it's cheap, delicious and full of volume. A famous dining hall in such a classic Okinawan cafeteria, Ayagu shokudou. Reasonable prices for all menus below 1,000 yen, delicious home cooking for Okinawan mothers, and a volume that can not be eaten. At such Ayagu shokudou, I also ate Okinawa's classic lunch menu, A lunch. It was pretty difficult because it was over volume full score. This time I will introduce the Ayagu shokudou.

Kenpar-subaya’s Okinawa soba is a transparent soup with a high degree of completeness

Clear soup that seems to be able to reach the bottom of the vessel, straight and easy to eat fine noodle, amazingly soft cartilage pig meat, surprisingly high-quality Okinawa soba can be eaten at "Kenpar-subaya". If you drink a bite of soup that is refreshing and clear, you will know the high degree of its completion. Easy taste soup can be deliciously eaten even in hot summer, even in winter which is not so cold.

Kadoya Okinawa soba restaurant established over 60 years ago if you want to eat Okinawa soba on Kokusai-dori recommend here

It is "Kadoya" that is a long-established store that keeps delicious Okinawa soba from the time it was still a black market after the World War 2. It is a long-established Okinawa soba shop who has kept watch over the international street (Kokusai-dori) of Naha City for more than 60 years. Since there are many Okinawa soba shops on International Street, you will notice which shop you would like to eat. In such cases this Kadoya is recommended. You can eat traditional Okinawa Soki soba long after being loved by local people.

Gushiken-soba is recommended for lunch on the way back from Churaumi Aquarium

One of the biggest eyes of Okinawa sightseeing, it is the Churaumi Aquarium. I think that those who come to sightseeing in Okinawa will visit the Churaumi Aquarium as much as they can say. If you are coming to the Churaumi Aquarium, you would like to have delicious Okinawa soba too. This time, I will introduce Gushiken soba which is on the way back from Churaumi Aquarium by car for about 5 minutes. Everyone can eat deliciously young and old and old in the refreshing Okinawa soba. On your way home from the Churaumi Aquarium, if you are not sure what to eat, Gushiken soba is recommended.

Homemade noodles are good match with rich soup, Daitou soba in Naha

Soup which is rich and often has strong taste of soup stock, squeezed thick homemade noodles is the best match for soup with a rich taste. That is in Naha city Daitou soba. Homemade noodles freshly made everyday have a firm consistency in good texture. Soup is rich and good noodles are rare enough to want to eat asexually from time to time! I will introduce about Daitou Soba on this page.

Unexpected combination of homemade noodle Soki soba and Itoman black curry is exquisite, Yoshimoto shokudou

Unusual combination of Soki soba and black curry is surprisingly good and addictive. It is in Itoman City that you can enjoy such a surprising and delicious combination Yoshimoto shokudou. I think that it does not match soba with black curry, but this is really tasty and I went to eat for two days in a row. Delicious Soki soba with homemade noodles and rich black curry are exquisite. I introduce Yoshimoto shokudou.

Okinawa soba with folk scent of bonito and homemade noodles best match, Mingei-shokudou

Clear soup with bonito scent and refreshing taste. There is a best-match homemade flat noodles. A Okinawa soba shop where you can eat such delicious Okinawa soba is located in Yonabaru Town Mingei shokudou. The fragrance of an elegant and thick bonito rising from a surprisingly transparent soup is exquisite. A famous shop, Mingei shokudou which Okinawa soba lovers know it. I ate Soki soba of Mingei shokudou.

You can eat a rare flying fish soba and goat meat sashimi easily at the road station Yaese

Main road in the southern part of Okinawa, National Route 331. Roadside station along that main road is "Eastern road station Yaese". It is located near the sightseeing places of Okinawa, such as Seifaa Utaki and Himeyuri Tower. It is a road station that is convenient to drop in on the way of driving. It is a little rare that you can eat a flying fish Soba and goat meat Sashimi (called Hiija in Okinawa dialect). It is the only place where you can eat a flying fish Okinawa soba! I also wanted some people who like Okinawa soba to eat the flying fish soba.

Delicious Okinawa soba shop with the blue shining Okinawa sea view

A shining beautiful sea in Okinawa. Why do not you eat delicious Okinawa soba while watching the beautiful sea of Okinawa that shines so bright. Okinawa soba shop, perfect for such situations, is in Kadena Town. Its name is 海が見える沖縄そば家 "Okinawa soba house where you can see the sea". Perfect for the dating of tourists and couples. Okinawa soba to eat while watching the beautiful sea makes you feel very tasty.

The restaurant Old-fashioned Okinawan cuisine and Soki soba are delicious Furusato

The department store that has long been popular in Okinawa is "Ryubou" in Naha city. At the entrance of the Kokusai-dori (international street), located in front of Okinawa Prefectural Government Office, it is crowded with locals and tourists many times ago. There is a delicious shop of old-fashioned Okinawan cuisine and Soki soba in the department store Ryobou that is familiar with such local people. That is "Furusato". As a delicious Okinawa soba store, people who know it are shops. This time I will introduce Okinawa soba of Furusato.

You can also eat set meals and drink Senbero at Ukishima Street Naha city Sakuraya

We can eat set menu at 600 yen from lunch time 13:00, we can enjoy 3 cups of sake and knob that is "SENBERO". That is in Ukishima street of Naha city Sakuraya. It is a gentle atmosphere dining room operated by older ladyies of young "Ober" (old lady) in the 60s, "Anmar" (elder lady). In the evening, tourists and the local men will come and visit a lot and crowded. It is easy to enter and casual mass eateries in the back street of Naha. It is a friendly atmosphere Izakaya where you can feel free to visit even by tourists.

Pork bone-based rich taste Okinawa soba and bonito base are both tasty in Yonabaruya

This Yonabaruya is delicious both for Okinawa soba based on pork bones and bonito flavors. Both taste are both pretty tasty, even when you want to eat tightly thick rich Okinawa soba, even if you want to eat refreshing Okinawa soba, you will be satisfied with either. This time I've been eating both rich taste and refreshing taste Okinawa soba of Yonabaruya, so I will introduce it.

Traditional Mokuhai Okinawa soba “Toraya” in Naha, Best match of strong noodles with delicious soup of bonito

Traditional Mokuhai (wood ash) Okinawa soba kept made in Okinawa before the Pacific War. Such a traditional Mokuhai soba is "Toraya" in Naha city. Good deliciou soup and strong noodle made by wood ash are the best match. It is Okinawa sopa shop where you can enjoy old-fashioned delicious Okinawa soba. This time I will introduce about authentic Mokuhai soba "Toraya" in Naha city.

Kodora old fashioned Okinawa soba is tasty, creation of daily menu Okinawa soba too

If you want to eat old-fashioned Okinawa soba. Sometimes you feel like that. Okinawa soba shop recommended at that time is "Kodara". And They offer Okinawa soba with soy sauce flavors of old nostalgic flavors. Many people fascinated by its gentle taste, it seems that there are many fans who will go to many times. This time I will introduce about Kodora.

If you want to eat Okinawa soba with refreshing taste, Takaraya is recommended, perfect for hot summer

Okinawa where the hot summer lasts long. Your appetite will fall when a hot day continues. Even on such a hot day, you can eat deliciously refreshing taste of Okinawa soba. Okinawa soba with a refreshing taste that is perfect for hot summer in Okinawa, it is Takaraya. So it is the ultimate refreshing taste with no homosexuality. Okinawa soba no longer added with chemical seasoning is good for the season when it is hot and your appetite is falling.

2013 Okinawa soba Ranking No.1 Sobe, Nice tasty Okinawa soba you can taste at an old private house in Naha city

Ranked first in the Okinawa soba rankings in 2013. A dignified large volume. A delicious Okinawa soba that you can taste in an old private house in Naha city. It is introduced today "Sobe" (楚辺). Recently growing popularity, renovated old houses and general houses, it became a large store about 80 seats. I will introduce such "Sobe" this time.

Cheap old and delicious Okinawa soba, Miyasato soba is popular in Nago city

Okinawa soba shop delicious old taste nostalgic taste that has been loved in local Nago city for many years. It is today's Miyasato Soba. Recently, not only local people, but also many tourists are visiting popular shop. When I listen to a delicious Okinawa soba shop in Nago, this Miyasato soba, or the name of Gabusoka Shokudo is coming out, it has long been familiar to locals. I ate Soki soba in Miyasato soba.

Okinawa soba received at an old private house cafe with Okinawa emotion 120 years old, Makabe Chinaa

A quaint Okinawa old private house cafe that is over 120 years old. Delicious Okinawa soba can be eaten at old Okinawa emotional old cafe. That is in Itoman City Makabe Chinaa. It is an old folk house cafe quietly standing in a quiet country residential area of Okinawa and is also popular with tourists. I will introduce you to Makabe Chinaa where you can taste such a quiet and relaxing Okinawa time.

When you want to eat delicious Okinawa soba at Kokusai-dori, Doraemon is recommended

When you are shopping for souvenirs on Kokusai-dori (international street), you will be hungry. If you have noon, you want to eat delicious Okinawa soba. Especially for hot day, it is nice to have clear Okinawa soba. Recommended for such people is "Doraemon". As imagined from the shop name, it is a soba restaurant operated by a shopkeeper who likes Doraemon.

You can taste delicious Tofu-Champloo and hand-made Tofu in Kaiyou Shokudou

It is a restaurant where delicious Okinawa tofu dishes such as Tofu-Champloo and Yushi Tofu are delicious, it is Kaiyou Shokudou. Since Okinawa's unique tofu is hand-made in the dining hall, its tofu dish is exquisite! Okinawa's tofu is called Shima Tofu, and has less water and a lot of protein. So it condenses the ingredients of soy beans, so the taste of tofu is strong and thick. You can taste the original taste of tofu. Since Okinawa often uses tofu for Champloo food and so on, Shima tofu has developed which is easy to be fried with less moisture.

“Inaka” you can eat traditional Okinawa soba near Makishi public market

Makishi public market that has continued to support the stomach of Naha citizen since the burning of Okinawa after the World War 2. It is now also a classic tourist spot. When entering the back of such Makishi public market, there are many back streets where plenty of downtown atmosphere remained. In such a back street, a soba restaurant where you can eat tasty old Okinawa soba is introduced today Inaka. The taste of Soki soba, the price and the atmosphere of the shop has not changed for more than 30 years, and continues to deliver delicious Okinawa soba.

GON, the name is a bit strange but tasty Okinawa soba restaurant

If you are running north of Okinawa's aorta, Route 58, you will find Okinawa soba restaurant with a little interesting shop name. Its name is GON. Although I was curious about it before, I did not have a chance to get in easily. Still, while I was going to the north with a little errand, I dropped in. By the way, the origin of the name is shopkeeper nickname "GON". It was a convincing store name when told.

I ate A lunch of Okinawa class B gourmet standard in the snack shop Ruby

Speaking of classic B class gourmet in Okinawa, do you understand somewhat? I think that you can come up with various cuisine like Goya Champloo, Soki soba, Nakami-jiru, Fu Champloo etc. Of course, these dishes are classic B class gourmet, but you can also eat in Okinawa restaurant outside Okinawa Prefecture. But B class gourmet which can only be eaten in Okinawa Prefecture, it is < A lunch. I have eaten the classic A lunch of Okinawa's Class B gourmet set meals at the Ruby snack shop in Naha City along National Route 58.

Hanagasa shokudo is a long-established lasts more than 50 years in Naha’s market, you can enjoy Okinawa’s home cooking

It is a market district that entered the side street from the Kokusai-dori of Naha city, a long-established restautant which keeps operating for over 50 years, that is "Hanagasa-shokudo". At the Hanagasa-shokudo you can enjoy home-cooked Okinawa cuisine such as boiling soki, Tebichi, Nakamiziru and Inamuruchi. If you come to Kokusai-dori, please enjoy Okinawa home cooking at the Hanagasa-shokudo. Recently, many tourists are coming, so it is a restaurant you feel free to enter.

Tebichi and Okinawa soba are delicious Izumi-shokudo, rich in menu lots of volume and cheap

Traditional Okinawan cuisine "Tebichi" and Okinawa soba are also delicious, a long-established restaurant loved by local people in Kin-cho and Umami City. That is "Izumi-shokudo". There are plenty of menus and lots volumes and cheap. That is why it has long been loved by local people. It is crowded with locals on weekdays and holidays. I will introduce such Izumi-shokudo on this page.

If you want to eat both Rich pork bone ramen and Rich Okinawa soba, Kichinto in Haebaru

If you want to eat Okinawa soba. But sometimes we also want to eat ramen. If you like noodles, you sometimes feel this complex feeling. Then "Kichinto" in Haebaru town is perfect. You can eat rich pork bone (Tonkotsu) ramen and rich Okinawa soba deliciously either. Rich pork born ramen which is written largely in the signboard of the shop is not a lie? I actually eat it and make sure.

The home of tacorice! Kin town’s Gate 1 There is a great tacorice set

Speaking B-class gourmet in Okinawa, there are various kinds such as Okinawa soba, pork egg, Champloo. But it is taco rice that is unexpectedly popular outside the Okinawa. I went to Gate 1 in Kin Town in the tacorice home. Okinawa's B grade gourmet which puts meat, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes on the rice, Mexican local cuisine, ingredients of tacos! I will put on salsa sauce with hot spices and eat it. Originally it seems that it was coffee rice of "Parlor Senri" in Kin town, but it became B class gourmet which is popular nationwide. Unfortunately Parlor Senri was closed in June 2015, but the affiliated store "King Tacos" is still in operation in Kin town and Okinawa Prefecture.

Niku Soba of Habu shokudo, Speaking of Okinawa’s large serving restaurant is here

I went to Okinawa's biggest dish-serving cafeteria "Habu shokudo (restaurant)", which has filled the stomach of a port worker in Naha Bego for a long time, and has eaten a Niku Soba (classic meat buckwheat noodle ). Recently, it has been posted in sightseeing guide book, so many tourists came to visit. Habu shokudo is located in Naha Shuffo, so it may be a bit confusing but a signboard is on the road. It is such a signboard.

Nakachi-soba, Okinawa soba long-established restaurant loved by locals

I went to Nakachi soba" in Tomigusuku City, about 15 minutes by car from Naha Airport. It is a restaurant of Okinawa soba that has been loved by local people since long ago. The place of the restaurant is easy to understand with a large signboard that stands out near the Nakachi intersection where highway Nakachi IC near National Route 331 and Oroku bypass hits. Because parking lot is also spread, visitors are also easy to access.