"Okinawa Soba or Local restaurant"List

I introduce the famous shops of Okinawa soba, recommended by local people, and the cafeteria familiar to local people. In addition to, I also post Okinawa’s beaches, Izakaya’ pubs, souvenirs etc. from the local’s eyes. Please have a look.

A long-established restaurant popular with local and foreign customers, Mickey in Okinawa City has a gentle taste of grand mother

Established in 1970. Mickey is a long-established restaurant that is popular among Okinawan locals, American military bases, and foreign tourists. I knew the name for a while and wanted to go and see it once, but I wasn't blessed with the opportunity to go, but I passed by the restaurant, but I finally went to Mickey.

A long-established Yoneya that combines the same taste for half a century, Awamori, Oden and Okinawa soba are excellent!

Prefectural office location that is the center of Naha city. Close to this central location, close to Kokusai-dori, there is a long-established Okinawa Oden restaurant that retains the same taste for over half a century. That is Yeneya. It is a rare old-fashioned red tile house store in the center of this Naha city, and it is a well-established izakaya that people who know to continue to provide traditional Okinawan oden.

100 meals a day only! Okinawa soba of old-fashioned good Kikuya in Naha city

Okinawa soba restaurant like a hiding place quietly standing in a quiet residential area of Naha city. It is today's "Kikuya". Kikuya is a Okinawa soba shop where you can eat delicious old Okinawa soba that celebrities visit. Okinawa soba made carefully is 100 foods a day only. I have been eating the precious Okinawa soba, so I will introduce it to everyone.

Nago fishing port fishery direct sales shop is recommended for fish lovers! Fresh fish dishes are delicious

You can eat fresh fish dishes using freshly picked fish purchased in the morning. That is Nago fishing port fishery direct sales shop. It is located in the corner of Nago fishing port and is directly managed by Nago Fishery Cooperative Association, so freshness and taste of fish are no doubt. For those who like fish, I definitely want you to eat at this shop.

If you want to eat delicious fish dish, recommend Oujima Seafood Restaurant

The island surrounded by beautiful sea, Okinawa. There is a wide variety of fish in the clear ocean of emerald blue. A fish inhabiting a subtropical ocean different from the mainland Japan. Of course, Okinawa has many delicious dishes using such diverse fish. When you want to eat good fish dishes, the restaurant of recommendation is "Oujima Seafood Restaurant" (Oujima Kaisanbutsu Shokudou)