"Okinawa Soba or Local restaurant"List

I introduce the famous shops of Okinawa soba, recommended by local people, and the cafeteria familiar to local people. In addition to, I also post Okinawa’s beaches, Izakaya’ pubs, souvenirs etc. from the local’s eyes. Please have a look.

A long-established Yoneya that combines the same taste for half a century, Awamori, Oden and Okinawa soba are excellent!

Prefectural office location that is the center of Naha city. Close to this central location, close to Kokusai-dori, there is a long-established Okinawa Oden restaurant that retains the same taste for over half a century. That is Yeneya. It is a rare old-fashioned red tile house store in the center of this Naha city, and it is a well-established izakaya that people who know to continue to provide traditional Okinawan oden. The awamori I drink while eating Okinawa's specialty oden is an excellent dish. This time I will introduce this Yoneya.

Recommended for chicken lovers!! Reasonable and good volume!! Pure Shokudou in Okinawa city

The Pure shokudou in Okinawa City has a rich menu and is full of heart. A wide range of menus are available, from Okinawa cuisine to Japanese and Western Chinese cuisine. It's also nice for families who have a lot of affordable and reasonable prices. There is a menu recommended for those who like chicken in such Pure shokudou. That is "Yoridori set". It is a menu that is unbearable for chicken lovers. I ate "Yoridori set" in Pure restaurant.

Senbero tavern “Shintenchi” with a wide variety of set meals, menus and snacks

Makishi Public Market located on a side street from Naha City's Kokusai Street. Shintenchi-dori, which is further from there. Senbero Tavern, which has a large variety of set meals and menus, is on Shintenchi street, and its name is Shintenchi. Sembero Izakaya with a wide variety of menu and knobs unique to Okinawa. I ate Senbero and knobs in the Shintenchi is located on Shintenchi Dori, which is further from Makishi Public Market. Shintenchi Street has the atmosphere of a good old Okinawan street market and is fun even if you take a walk. The Shintenchi Street is like this.