"Steak and Yakiniku"List

I introduce meat shops such as Okinawan Yakiniku, steak, Hijer etc, which recommended by the locals. In addition to this, I also post Okinawa’s beach, recommended shops of Okinawa soba, souvenirs etc. from the local Okinawa people eyes. Please have a look.

Steaks and homemade pies are also delicious “Mrs Marko homemade pie restaurant American ★ American”

Okinawa's aorta, Route 58. The restaurant that is a little famous in Chatan town along Route 58 is "Mrs Marko homemade pie restaurant American ★ American". This signboard, which I have often seen before, is familiar to anyone living in Okinawa. It was a shop that I was worried about before, but I didn't have a chance to go there, but I finally went out for lunch.

Delicious cheap big!! I have eaten the popular steakhouse HAN’S in Rycom Okinawa

Okinawan people who really like meat. We are an Okinawan citizen who loves pork to say "I eat everything except pig crying" but we also like steak. The people of Okinawa prefecture love the steak as they go to eat steak after drinking. Such a popular steak restaurant in Okinawa Prefecture is HAN'S. A popular steak restaurant with 8 stores in Okinawa Prefecture. The popular shopping mall Rycom Okinawa also has HAN'S. A delicious cheap big motto steak restaurant HAN'S. I watched a movie and ate lunch when I was hungry, I ate HAN'S steak and hamburger.