"Steak and Yakiniku"List

I introduce meat shops such as Okinawan Yakiniku, steak, Hijer etc, which recommended by the locals. In addition to this, I also post Okinawa’s beach, recommended shops of Okinawa soba, souvenirs etc. from the local Okinawa people eyes. Please have a look.

Hamburger and meat dishes are delicious at hearty. Meat bar Hikiy’s

I want to eat delicious meat dishes full. Sometimes we feel like that. A recommended restaurant in such a case is "Meat Bar Hikiy's" in Urasoe City. This is an excellent restaurant for homemade hamburgers and meat dishes. Not only hamburgers but also sauces are all handmade, and you can enjoy exciting Italian and meat dishes at this restaurant. We went for a lively meat meal with my kids for a holiday lunch.

A combination of soft steak and raw garlic is exquisite! Restaurant Kuni in Okinawa City

Okinawa people love meat so much. Especially Okinawa people love steak. In famous TV program, Okinawa citizens who eat steaks after drinking have been introduced, but Okinawa people likes steaks as much as that. So there are lots of delicious steak restaurants in Okinawa. Meanwhile, a restaurant recommendation is in Okinawa City Restaurant Kuni. Combination of thick steak, raw garlic, and special sauce is excellent! This time I will introduce such restaurant Kuni.

I tried Beaf soup, Goat soup, Duck soup and Horse soup at the Manpuku Shokudou in Nanjo City

Speaking of Okinawan cuisine, what do you think of? There are lots of Okinawa's distinctive cuisines such as Soki soba, Taco Rice, Champloo. Meanwhile, there are many Okinawan cuisines that people who know, only the local men do eat. That is beef soup, Goat soup (dialect Hiijya), Duck soup, Horse soup. Of course, each meat and internal organs stewed as it is soup. It is not a very major dish, like eating at specialty shops, but it is also a popular dish with persistent fans in each. A restaurant where you can taste such beef soup, goat soup, duck soup and horse sup is "Manpuku Shokudou" in Nanjo City. I tried eating beef soup, goat soup, duck soup and horse soup at such a comfortable dining room.

Ie beef direct selling shop you can easily eat the illusion of Ie beef! Beef soup and steak don bow are good!

The meat lovers it is Uchina-nanchu (Okinawa people)! Okinawa people do like not only pork. We also like beef. There are customs in Okinawa to eat a variety of meat such as Soki soba (pork), Hiijar (goat), Ahiraa soup (duck). It is such meat, but beef is the best, is not it? In Okinawa it is called Gyuujiru (beef soup), there is a unique soup with plenty of beef. "Ie beef direct selling shop" that Beef soup of Okinawa prefecture brand beef "Ie beef" can be easily eaten in Itoman City. As the name suggests, it is a directly managed shop which they go to processing and sales from Ie cattle's stock raising company in-house. Since it is a directly managed store, we can eat Ie beef cheaply and deliciously.