"Lunch buffet"List

I will introduce recommended shops for all-you-can-eat lunch buffet in Okinawa. In addition to, I also post Okinawa’s beach, recommended shops of Okinawa soba, souvenirs etc. from the local people’s eyes. Please have a look.

We ate great lunch buffet at Sun marina hotel in Onna village!

There are many resort hotels in Okinawa. Eating delicious lunch buffet at such a resort hotel is also a secret fun of Okinawa citizens. Lunch Biking at a resort hotel which is somewhat different from everyday life. Actually, did you know that Okinawan citizens can eat Hotel buffet at little bit great price? That is "Churatoku". If you make a reservation in Churatoku, you can enjoy various hotel buffing a little with advantage. This time we have enjoyed lunch buffet at a long-established hotel in Onna village, Sun marina hotel at great price.

I ate a lot of sweets lunch buffet at Naha Loisir Hotel

Happy Senior Day is near, so I occasionally went to eat delicious with my parents. Since I go out with my parents after a long absence, I went to eat Hotel Buffet, which I have never been to. So we chose Loisir hotels in Naha. It is a hotel near Naha harbor, but I have never be before. We ate a lunch buffet at such a restaurant at Loisir Hotel "Fontaine".

Sometimes luxuriously dinner buffet at Chatan Hilton Hotel! Delicious, rich variety and satisfied

Sometimes we want to eat good food. I would like to eat lots of delicious dishes with a full stomach. At that time, after all the hotel dinner buffet! Rich in kinds of dishes, satisfied from adults to children! You can be full of stomach. When my brother's family returned home to Okinawa during the consecutive holidays, we enjoyed the dinner buffet at the Chatan Hilton Hotel <b id="underline">SURIYUN</b> as occasional luxury. SURIYUN is the dialect of Okinawa meaning "everyone gathers, gathers up". As the name suggests, families gathered and enjoyed delicious dinner. Although it was a bit expensive compared to lunch buffet, <b id="em">We were very happy with delicious desserts for over 60 kinds of rich dishes! From my grandpa and grandma to a 1 year old child, our stomach became full.</b>

If you are driving for Okinawa recommend the Kaichu-douro (Sea road), after watching the beautiful sea you can play Marine Sports at Ikei Beach

For a pleasant sunny day, we would like to enjoy driving. If you are coming to Okinawa as much as you like, looking at the beautiful Okinawa ocean, feeling a pleasant breeze and running the car, you feel good. Today I will introduce Kaichu-douro (Sea Road) recommended for driving on such a fine day. A Kaichu-douro crossing the exhilarating emerald blue sea. It is recommended for a pleasant drive course! Both right and left are beautiful seas of Okinawa! It feels like running on the sea

When you come to Ashibina, lunch is recommended here, Safe and Healthy Okinawa garden buffet “Karakara”

When shopping at the outlet mall Ashibinaa, after all you will be hungry. Ashibinaa where you can do shopping with 30 to 40% discounts for both top notch items and casual items. You overwhelmed buying too much and I think that you will be hungry. Safety and healthy Okinawa garden buffet "Karakara" is recommended at such times. Safe, healthy and tasty dishes using over 80 different ingredients, including Okinawa's island vegetables, all-you-can-eat! You can make small children safe to eat. You understand why soon.

Jimmy’s buffet and souvenir recommended for Okinawa people’s favorite taste

It is Jimmy's that the Okinawans have long loved and accustomed for over 60 years since its foundation in 1956. It is said that the founder who worked at the US military base was founded with a passionate desire to "Deliver rich American culture to people in Okinawa." It's okay, the founder. That feeling has arrived firmly to the people in Okinawa. We are currently using Jimmy's dishes and cakes frequently, such as daily dinner dishes, entrance congratulation and graduation celebration, birthday cake. I went to Jimmy's lunch buffet that such Okinawa citizen love.

All-you-can-eat American pizza! Pizza in Okinawa in Chatan

Anybody knows in the local Chatan town, there is a pizza shop full of good old American atmosphere. That is Pizza in Okinawa. Of course the deliciousness of pizza is certain, but the interior that used the building from the American colonial era is like a restaurant an old American movie. So, of course, Of course, at reasonable prices, all you can eat, all you can drink, pizza, pasta, taco rice and soft drinks. It is a pizza restaurant recommended for adults and children.

For Lunch in Chatan, I recommend the lunch buffet at the Beach Tower Hotel! Many sweets and small children are free

When you are hungry after shopping at Chatan Mihama American Village, the restaurant recommended is here. Beach Tower Hotel Lunch Buffet "Chura Tida". Children up to 5 years old are all free and many sweets! It's a friendly restaurant for families with small children with a wallet or stomach. If you are playing in Chatan and get hungry, it's a recommended buffet restaurant.