"Izakaya & bar"List

I introduce Izakaya and bar that you can enjoy delicious sake and cuisine in Okinawa. In addition to, I also post Okinawa’s beach, recommended shops of Okinawa soba, souvenirs etc. from the local’s eyes. Please have a look.

A long-established Yoneya that combines the same taste for half a century, Awamori, Oden and Okinawa soba are excellent!

Prefectural office location that is the center of Naha city. Close to this central location, close to Kokusai-dori, there is a long-established Okinawa Oden restaurant that retains the same taste for over half a century. That is Yeneya. It is a rare old-fashioned red tile house store in the center of this Naha city, and it is a well-established izakaya that people who know to continue to provide traditional Okinawan oden.

A delicious seafood tavern run by a handsome shop owner and fisherman family

There is a delicious seafood tavern owned by a good-looking owner and a fisherman family in Tomigusuku City. That's Seafood tavern Kaikyou. It is an izakaya where you can eat delicious fresh Okinawan fish (in dialect Imaiyu) deliciously at a great price. A seafood tavern that has been introduced on local TV in Okinawa. I have tasted delicious fish dishes there and I would like to introduce it.

Recommended for Korean lovers Senbero pub “Gamihonten”

Not only the Makishi Public Market in Naha City, Senbero Tavern has gradually increased With the increasing variety of Senbero taverns, it has become fun to drink and drink. Meanwhile, Senbero Tavern, which offers Korean cuisine, has opened near Makishi Public Market. That's Gamihonten. It is a Senbero pub recommended for Korean lovers. I have been drinking several times, so this time I would like to introduce the Gamihonten.

Tuna bar WAIWAI in Sakae town, Naha-shi, the fresh tuna cuisine and liquor are good!

Okinawa boasts the catch of one of Japan's best tuna. "Tuna bar WAIWAI" located in Sakae town Naha-city is a restaurant where you can eat dishes using fresh tuna landing in such a sea near Okinawa. It is a delicious tuna dish bar that used fresh 'Churaumi Tuna' caught in Okinawa near the sea. At the end of the year, we had delicious tuna dishes and liquor at the tuna bar.

Agu pork cutlet and Senbero also good! Cochon in Naha city

If you come to Okinawa as much as you can, you would like to eat pork cutlet of Agu pig. Gentle taste It is completely different from ordinary pig pork cutlets, which is a crispy pork cutlet of Agu pig. A restaurant that Agu pork cutlets are delicious, "Cochon" in Naha city. We are happy that Cochon also does Senbero that you can drink 3 alcohol and knob at 1,000 yen. Delicious pork cutlet and beer can be eaten together. This time I will introduce such a Coshon.