"Fast food"List

I will introduce the fast food of Okinawa, which recommended by the local. In addition to this, I also post Okinawa’s beach, recommended shops of Okinawa soba, souvenirs etc. from the local Okinawa people eyes. Please have a look.

Speaking of Taco Rice’s birthplace, King Tacos in Kin Town! A true genuine ancestor

Speaking of Okinawa, its distinctive Okinawan cuisine is famous. Okinawa soba, champloo, Zenzai, Miso soup, etc. There are lots of Class B gourmet that was arranged differently from Okinawa prefecture totally differently. It is Taco rice that you should not forget such Okinawa distinctive B grade gourmet. It is Okinawa's unique Champloo (Mix) dish which puts ingredients of Mexican cuisine tacos on rice. Speaking of such a taco rice birthplace, it is King Tacos in Kin Town. Taco Rice which Mr. Matsuzo Gibo of the founder of the King Tacos invented in 1984, the popularity spread mainly in the Okinawa citizens and the US soldiers, with its volume and punchy taste spreading, now it is in Okinawa's leading cuisine became. This time I will introduce King Tacos, a birthplace of Taco Rice.

At Tomishiro Tacorice you can enjoy a little unusual taco rice and tacos like Okinawa

Speaking B-class gourmet in Okinawa, there are various kind foods such as Okinawa soba, pork egg, Champloo. But do not forget Taco Rice. It is taco rice to eat the ingredients of Mexican national meal tacos on rice. It's the name's food. It is also popular food for travelers coming from outside Okinawa. Such a taco rice, it is possible to eat a little unusual taco rice which arranged like Okinawa at Tomishiro Taco Rice. It is still a new restaurant just opened in 2017. I ate taco rice which was arranged like Okinawa.

A long-lasting brand of more than 70 years old, Arakaki Zenzaiya in Motobu town is worth the feet

Speaking of Okinawa's sweets, yes, it is the Zenzai. In Okinawa in summer we often see "Zenzai" characters. Unlike the Japanese mainland, Okinawa's Zenzai is cold shaved ice. It is quite different from red beans and rice cakes alone. This is perfect for hot Okinawa. A moderately sweetly cooked bean and cold shaved ice blows off summer heat. Such a long-established store of Okinawa Zenzai is in the Motobu town Arakaki Zenzaiya. In summer, you may wait 30 minutes so much that it is a popular zenzai shop.

The home of tacorice! Kin town’s Gate 1 There is a great tacorice set

Speaking B-class gourmet in Okinawa, there are various kinds such as Okinawa soba, pork egg, Champloo. But it is taco rice that is unexpectedly popular outside the Okinawa. I went to Gate 1 in Kin Town in the tacorice home. Okinawa's B grade gourmet which puts meat, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes on the rice, Mexican local cuisine, ingredients of tacos! I will put on salsa sauce with hot spices and eat it. Originally it seems that it was coffee rice of "Parlor Senri" in Kin town, but it became B class gourmet which is popular nationwide. Unfortunately Parlor Senri was closed in June 2015, but the affiliated store "King Tacos" is still in operation in Kin town and Okinawa Prefecture.