"Cafe & Restaurant"List

It is a local cafe and restaurant in Okinawa, where local people are supposed to recommend. In addition to this, we also post Okinawa’s beach, recommended shops of Okinawa soba, souvenirs etc. from the local people eyes. Please have a look.

There are a lot of delicious lunch menu with perfect heart! Cafeteria Crystal in Naha city

There is a cafeteria that has been loved by locals for over 24 years in Naha City. The cafeteria crystal has full of delicious lunch menu. There are a lot of office workers working nearby during the daytime on weekdays and a family in the coffee shop on weekends. This time, I will introduce you to a delicious cafeteria crystal, which has a rich menu and is full of heart.

Hamburger steak with a lot of gravy and black curry are exquisite! Nuji Bonbon Z

Hamburger steak with volume full of homemade and delicious meat juice. And it won the Naha Curry Grand Prix winning black Curry. A restaurant that can eat such tasty dishes is located in Naha city "Nuji Bonbon Z". It's a bit strange and funny restaurant name, but its dish is definitely excellent. Since I ate lunch in "Nuji Bonbon Z", I will introduce this restaurant.

Delicious and voluminous and reasonable price Chinese restaurant! Nanryuuen in Kin Town

It is tasty, has plenty of volume and you can eat at reasonable prices Chinese restaurant. That is in Kin Town Nanryuuen (South Dragon Garden). Although it is not a famous restaurant, it is a delicious Chinese cuisine that is tastefully delicious and is a locally coherent Chinese restaurant bustling with local families. Especially "deep-fried chicken" is a volume and its taste, it has attracted many local customers from long ago. I went to eat lunch with my children in such a Nanryuuen.

Restaurant Hawaii in Motobu town is delicious and has plenty of volume, a well-established 43 years old

There was a mysterious restaurant in Motobu town which has been operating since I was a child. That name is "Drive in restaurant Hawaii". This is Okinawa Why is it Hawaii? I was thinking that it was a restaurant with a mysterious name though a child. I often go by car in front of Hawaii, but in reality I had never been in restaurant. Restaurant Hawaii I thought that it was wonderful from my childhood. I finally went to Hawaii! A long-established, well-established drive-in restaurant Hawaii, 43 years ago. It was delicious and had plenty of volume restaurant.

The fresh tuna rice bowl the fisherman father got is good! Oyajinomaguro in Senagajima Umikaji terrace

Do you know that? Actually, Okinawa boasts the catch of the tuna is in Japan. A restaurant where you can eat fresh tuna-rice bowls that are not frozen is "Oyajinomaguro" (mean father's tuna) in Senagajima Umikaji terrace. As you can imagine from the name of the shop, it is a restaurant where you can eat the fresh tuna rice bowl the fisher who is a seafarer has acquired. In other words, it is a restaurant baked directly by a fisherman. The son couple withdraws out the deliciousness and charm of the fresh tuna preeminent freshly picked up by father at Payao in the southern part of Okinawa and it provides the taste and charm. I will introduce such a tuna bowl of Oyajinomaguro.

Enjoy delicious Italian cuisine while watching the beautiful sunset on Senagajima POSILLIPO cucina meridionale

A beautiful setting sun in Okinawa, beautiful sea, and departure and arrival of a powerful plane. Then, while watching such a beautiful sunset, you can enjoy exquisite Italian cuisine in Senagajima island in Tomigusuku city, that is "POSILLIPO cucina meridionale". It is an Italian restaurant located on the hill of the popular sightseeing spot in Okinawa, Senagajima Umikaji terrace. Simple is best You can enjoy South Italian cuisine at reasonable price. The view from the hill of Senagajima is also the best. Italian restaurant that is perfect for families or dating. This time I will introduce such POSILLIPO.

Fresh shrimp cuisine is the BEST! Tamaya in Ginoza village

There is a restaurant in Ginoza village where you can eat fresh live shrimp dishes from a fish pond. That is Tamaya. Shrimp cusine which is taken fresh and living still is the best! You can eat the best fresh shrimp dish more than this. If you like prawns you will definitely be satisfied with no mistake. Even if you do not like shrimp, I recommend you to try this freshness once.

You can eat delicious lunch at the long-established Chinese restaurant Kuzyakurou along national highway 58

The aorta of Okinawa, Route 58. There is a red building standing long ago along that national road 58. It is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Okinawa Kuzyakurou (mean Peacock Church). If Okinawa locals, it is probably a red building that everyone has seen. But it is surprisingly rare that they know the long-established Chinese restaurant. Although such an old-fashioned Chinese restaurant Kuzyakurou, you can eat delicious Chinese cuisine at reasonable prices at lunch time. If you did not know, please try lunch of the Kuzyakurou at once.

The BEST Okinawa souvenir recommended at Mihama American Village is TIMELESS CHOCOLATE

When you come to Okinawa travel, what will you buy for souvenirs? There are many kinds of special products in Okinawa, such as Chinsukou Beni-imo tart, Yachimun (Okinawa pottery), Awamori, just choosing souvenirs is fun. But it is hard to choose a souvenir to send to an important person such as a workplace or a friend. To such you, Okinawa souvenir that I recommend as Okinawa local people is TIMELESS CHOCOLATE in Mihama American Village in Chatan Town. It is a simple and stylish chocolate shop using brown sugar from Okinawa Prefecture and cocoa beans around the world. If you enjoy shopping and eating at Mihama American Village, why not try stylish Okinawa souvenir at TIMELESS CHOCOLATE.