I introduce goods and souvenirs of Okinawa, which recommended by the locals. I have also posted the beach of recommendation, the famous shop of Okinawa soba, the Izakaya and bar etc. from the viewpoint of the local people. Please have a look.

The BEST Okinawa souvenir recommended at Mihama American Village is TIMELESS CHOCOLATE

When you come to Okinawa travel, what will you buy for souvenirs? There are many kinds of special products in Okinawa, such as Chinsukou Beni-imo tart, Yachimun (Okinawa pottery), Awamori, just choosing souvenirs is fun. But it is hard to choose a souvenir to send to an important person such as a workplace or a friend. To such you, Okinawa souvenir that I recommend as Okinawa local people is TIMELESS CHOCOLATE in Mihama American Village in Chatan Town. It is a simple and stylish chocolate shop using brown sugar from Okinawa Prefecture and cocoa beans around the world. If you enjoy shopping and eating at Mihama American Village, why not try stylish Okinawa souvenir at TIMELESS CHOCOLATE.

If you come to the Outlet Mall Ashibinaa, you can get good Okinawa souvenir at Toad station Toyosaki

A popular shopping place in Okinawa is Outlet Mall Ashibinaa. You can buy leading brand outlet products at affordable prices. But there are not so many souvenirs like Okinawa in Ashibinaa. I'd like to recommend to sightseeing who are looking for souvenirs, Road station Toyosaki. It is located across from Outlet Mall Ashinaa on Route 331. Since we can go even if we walk, I think that it is convenient to save time, look for Okinawa souvenir here, after enjoying shopping at the Outlet mall Ashibinaa.

Umanchu market in Itoman city has both mangoes perfect for souvenirs and fresh seafood

Mango, pineapple, passion fruit etc, Okinawa unique fresh fruit can be bought a lot cheaply. It is in Itoman City Road Station Fermars Market Umanchu-ichiba. In the Umanchu-ichiba market, fresh vegetables and fruits taken from local Itoman City are sold cheaply and are perfect for souvenirs. Furthermore, at the fish center behind the market, you can eat fresh sashimi and seafood as they are. Umanchu-ichiba market of Itoman Road station where you can enjoy vegetables, fruits and fresh seafood in Okinawa. If you are suffering from souvenirs, please come and visit the market well.

Perfect for adult’s souvenir! Marine bottomed Awamori aged in Okinawa sea

When you come to Okinawa travel, what will you buy for souvenirs? Chinsuko, tart with red bolts, Yachimune (pottery), Awamori, Okinawa have many special products, it is fun just to choose souvenirs. But when you search for an adult's souvenir to give to your important person it is serious. Just sending luxury goods can not convey your feelings, and you will let important people use their mind. Let's introduce the perfect adult souvenir in such a case. Marine bottom Awamori "Ryugu no Kuni", aged under the beautiful sea of Okinawa. There are few people who know even the locals, it is a visionary Awamori who knows. On this page I introduce such awesome Awamori, a submarine liquor "Ryukyu no Kuni".

Road station Kyoda is the most recommended in Okinawa, souvenirs of Yanbaru and discount tickets are available

On the way to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, you will definitely go through "Road Station Kyoda". It is a popular road station which was chosen as the 5th place among 1,059 Road stations in Japan. It is a very convenient road station for sightseeing in Okinawa, where there are discount tickets of sightseeing spots such as Churaumi Aquarium and Northern Yanbaru souvenirs. This time I will explain in detail about the Road station Kyoda.

You can eat fresh tuna rice bowl directly brought from Naha Port, Tomari Iyumachi

You can eat fresh fish sent directly from Naha Port. That is Tomari Iyumachi. By the way, "Iyu" is a dialect of Okinawa, it is a fish, and "machi" is a market. As the name suggests, Tomari Iyumachi is a market where a lot of fresh fish directly bought from the beautiful Okinawa sea are sold. In addition, you can also eat fresh fish directly from the harbor on the spot with sashimi or sushi at the market. Therefore, recently tourists have come to visit. This time I've been eating fresh tuna rice in Tomari Iyumachi and it is to introduce.

AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom Okinawa’s largest shopping mall, all sorts goods are filled

Okinawa's biggest shopping mall "AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom" is full of all shopping and clothing, miscellaneous goods, children's supplies, souvenirs, cafes and delicious restaurants as well. The number of shops is over 200! Many shops in Okinawa 's first shop are also fun even watching it. It is a pity that it will be a rainy day even if you come to Okinawa trip. But in AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom you can enjoy shopping regardless of rain. I'd recommend it on a rainy day.

Chatan Mihama American Village beautiful beach, cafe and shopping a lot

When you come to Okinawa travel, Chatan Mihama American Village! From miscellaneous goods to various souvenirs, Beautiful beach, delicious cafes, bars and izakaya are areas where the charm of Okinawa sightseeing is tightly packed. About 1 hour by car from Naha Airport. Located in the middle of the main island of Okinawa, I think that people visiting on a trip are certainly visiting areas. Many people related to the US military in the vicinity of the Chatan, English will be heard normally in the streets. Exactly American Village! On this page I will introduce about Chatan Mihama American Village.

Okinawa outlet mall ASHIBINAA 30 – 40% discount from top brand to casual

From first-class brands to casual items, you can shop at a discount of 30 to 40 percent of the list price. That is "Okinawa Outlet Mall ASHIBINAA". "ASHIBINAA" is said to be named to be a playground where various people and culture collect and enjoy in the meaning of a playground in the Okinawa dialect. By the way, we will tell you about playing "ASHIABAA". It is about a man whose female play is hard. . .

Speaking of Okinawa sightseeing, Kokusai-dori there are many shops that are delicioust and souvenirs

Speaking of classic Okinawa sightseeing, is not it here? There are lots of good souvenir shops and restaurants "Kokusai-dori" (Meaning International street). It is a market town that has been for the postwar reconstruction period after the Second World War 2 for more than 70 years. There are many souvenirs, goods in Okinawa, delicious restaurants, safe street for women and children with peace of mind. Recently foreign tourists have visited quite a lot and the words to be heard have become international as well as English, Chinese, Korean, Uchinaguchi (Okinawa dialect). Kokusai-dori where there are many shops that I would like to introduce with full of highlights. Since it is difficult to introduce one by one, this time I will briefly introduce the whole picture of the Kokusai-dori. I will gradually introduce recommended shops and sightseeing spots around the Kokusai-dori.