I went to B’z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2018 HINOTORI at the Okinawa Convention Center!

That’s right! I went to the B’z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2018 HINOTORI! I was able to taste Inaba’s raw song and Mr. Matsumoto’s guitar raw sound in the same space, and I was able to have a very happy time. I really got a lot of Pleasure. I appreciate being able to experience B’z LIVE in Okinawa! This time it is not my introduction of Okinawa, but my impression as just a B’z fan. Please pardon.

Bz LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2018 HINOTORI at the Okinawa Convention Center

It was fine from morning on this day. It was very nice weather. Just for Okinawa in summer! There is a tropical beach behind the Okinawa convention center, and there were many people enjoying swimming and barbeque. The sea is so beautiful.

tropical beach 1

tropical beach 2

Of course I also bought LIVE goods. I bought it more than I expected, but it’s a festival, is not it? There was a product sample in the hall and the size was easy to understand.

LIVE goods

a product sample in the hall

In CD / DVD privilege sale, there were autographs for 100 lottery, but unfortunately I did not win the lottery. I wanted a sign color paper.

CD / DVD privilege sale

And I was excited and waited for the opening time. Unfortunately the LIVE venue is forbidden to shoot, from here it is my impression as a B’z fan.

In a nutshell, Live song, Live sound is so GREAT. I was overwhelmed by the power of the sound echoing to the core of the body, the power of the raw sound echoing to the inside of the internal organs. From the first Ultra soul at once the energy of the venue was Max! Then BLOWIN’. When I was a high school student, I was able to listen to the songs as foolish as, but real sound was the best! The feeling when I was an elementary school student, junior high school student, or high school student caught up all at once.

Of course, the production of “Welcome to B’z LIVE-GYM!” was also a bit of a funny look. Well, what kind of directing was this time? Please check it at the venue.

I could listen to many other nostalgic songs. Wonderful Opportunity, OH GIRL!, BAD COMMUNICATION, Hadashino Megami, NEGAI, I was able to listen to the songs when I had been student I had been listening many times, I felt it throughout my body. Various emotions such as nostalgia and joyfulness, embarrassing memories, and so on, came at a stroke.

After all, because it is LIVE-GYM Pleasure, I could also listen to the continuation of Pleasure song. I understand a little about the life of the hero of the song after 2013 (laugh). And Pleasure classic KOIGOKORO. Mr. Inaba taught me how to dance. Mr. Inaba who is a bit crowded, and Mr. Matsumoto who is more awesome was also interesting.

And New songs made for this HINOTORI also played! I thought whether it is a modulation from LOVE PHANTOM….. Please continue to taste directly at the live venue.

I really enjoyed a lot of famous songs. Just remembering roughly over 20 songs! Although it was a long live of 2 hours 30 minutes including encore, I was able to spend a really dense time. The time flowed so quickly that I thought “Do they play more than three songs?” I was surprised even by myself. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the whole live with the theme HINOTORI ‘s directive.

RUN and Brotherhood heard in encore. When I was a student, it was a song I was listening to so much that the CD wears out. When I hear at this age, the lyrics will come to my mind. As I thought after listening to my life experience again, I felt a different flavor. I cried a little.

My seat was behind the venue, but the Okinawa convention center was not a big venue, it was a distance that I could see Mr. Inaba and Mr. Matsumoto with my naked eye. Still the video of the large monitor at the hall was very interesting with the live Blu-ray itself that I am watching at home. They were playing live in front of my eyes, which one did I want to see? It made me such a strange feeling.

Even if I become an adult, it is thanks to B’z that I can taste Pleasure of such a fun life. Thanks to all of B’z 30 years! And I will also go to live next year again!

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