Byakko is Rich Tonkotsu Shouyu ramen famous shop in Shuri Naha city

In Naha city there are many delicious Okinawa soba restaurants, but in fact there are many good ramen shops. This time I went to a ramen famous shop in Shuri of Naha city “Byakko (white tiger)” and ate a rich Tonkotsu Shouyu ramen (pork bone soy sauce ramen). It was pretty tasty so I will introduce it to everyone.

Byakko is in Shuri of Naha city. It is located about 10 minutes on foot from the monorail shuri station. In the vicinity there is the “Ayagu Shokudo” of dining hall famous shop for Okinawa. The inside of the Byakko is like this. It is a simple store with counter and table seats.

The inside photo of Byakko

When entering the store there is a ticket vending machine on the left side. First of all, we buy food ticket. Since I wanted to eat rich Tonkotsu Shouyu ramen this time, I ordered “Tonkotsu Shouyu ramen all in”. I was looking forward to see what kind of ramen, it was famous for its thick pork bone soy sauce ramen.

ticket vending machine

There are four free services at Byakko at weekday lunch time. You can choose anything you like from these four, free of more noodles, mini-rice, half boiled egg, black honey almond. Because I was hungry this time, I chose free of more noodle. I wanted to eat lots of good ramen.

Tonkotsu Shouyu ramen all in

After waiting for a while, “Tonkotsu Shouyu ramen all in” came. Nori, boiled eggs, char-sews, and a large volume of ramen with plenty of vegetables. First, I drunk a bite of soup. The taste of rich pig bones spreaded over my mouth. It looked like rich pork bone soy sauce ramen, but it was not too hot, it was mild and rich taste. Noodles were medium sized noodles of straight like Okinawa soba. It matched rich pork bone soy sauce soup. Very plentiful vegetables also matched well with soup, we can enjoy not only the noodles but also various textures. After all, it is a famous shop, all the soup, the side and the topping were in harmony. It was delicious until the end of the soup.

Byakko shop information
The Byakko where a shabby shopkeeper silently makes good pork bone soy sauce ramen. You can eat rich pork bone soy sauce ramen. Not only pork bone soy sauce ramen, but also spicy miso ramen and Tsukemen seems to be good, so I would like to try it next time.

Only three cars can be stopped at parking lots of Byakko, so I think if you should avoid the crowded time when you come by car. Please see the picture below for the location of the parking lot.

the location of the parking lot

  • Address: 〒
    903-0804 Shuri Ishimine 1-132-8, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:30-15:30, 18:00-22:00
  • Telephone: 098-887-3380
  • Closed: Monday
  • Parking: Yes
  • Price: 650 yen ~ 1,050 yen

The Byakko is here ↓

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