A restaurant where Okinawa and Brazil were mixed!

Okinawa and Brazil mixed restaurant! That is in Nago City Brazil Shokudou (dining room). Brazilian cuisine made by Brazilian shopkeeper and Okinawa soba are famous restaurant. And he worked for many years at Brazilian coffee plantation, also managed a coffee specialty shop, the authentic Brazilian coffee where the owners who have walked with coffee for many years are brewed. I have tasted Okinawa soba and Brazilian coffee at home in Brazil Shokudou.

The Brazilian dining hall is located along the National Route 85, headquarters circulation line heading from Nago City to Motobu town. It is in a place to feel free to drop by before going to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium or Nago Pineapple Park. The appearance of the restaurant is like Mixed of Brazil and Okinawa like the picture above. Of course the restaurant also has plenty of Brazilian colors. Soccer Brazilian uniforms are decorated numerous.

The interior of Brazil Shokudou 1

The interior of Brazil Shokudou 2

It is quite fancy that Soki soba is drawn in the Brazilian flag. it’s interesting. The menu of the Brazil restaurant is this.

The menu of the Brazil restaurant 1

The menu of the Brazil restaurant 2

Since I came to the Brazilian cafeteria, I wanted to eat Soki soba and Brazilian cuisine, but regrettably it was impossible to offer Brazilian cuisine on this day. So I ordered Soki soba and vegetable soba. I wanted to eat Brazilian food. . .

Soki soba

This is Soki soba at Brazilian cafeteria. The cloudy soup seems to be pretty rich, but it is amazingly smooth and mellow soup when you drink a bite. Soup was a gentle taste which was easy to eat with bonito added to pig bones. There was a match of straight Noodles in there. It is Okinawa soba with a simple old taste. Soki (pig meat) cooked for a long time was also soft and easy to eat.

vegetable soba

And also ordered vegetable soba for my children. The umami of vegetable stir-fried is added to the soba noodle soup, which was also gentle and finished in taste.

Espresso coffee

And Espresso coffee after eating. It is said that importing fresh Brazilian beans from authentic Brazil and roasting it with their own hands on a roaster brought back from Brazil. The scent unique to espresso coffee, deep bitterness and richness spread to my mouth. I thought that it would not match for Soki soba and coffee, but this coffee was different. It was a delicious coffee over coffee shop. I was satisfied until after eating.

Brazil Shokudou restaurant information
A Brazilian dining room opened by a shop owner born in Brazil. “Okinawa and Brazilian mix” was the motto of the shop, and we were able to taste delicious Okinawa soba and Brazilian coffee. It seems that he is from Brazil, and likes football as well. Football god Pele and autographs of Brazilian representative Roberto Carlos were decorated.

Pele's autograph

Roberto Carlos's autograph

Okinawa soba and coffee were also delicious so I would definitely like to eat Brazilian food next time. Next time I look forward to.

The Brazil Shokudou is here ↓

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