You can enjoy adult date at Bourbon club, the recommendation bar on Kokusai-dori

There are many izakaya which we can enjoy cheap and delicious sake on Kokusai-dori (international street). Up to this point, I have introduced a lot of Senbero taverns with 3 drinks and a knob at only 1,000 yen on this site. Senbero is cheap and tasty to drink. But sometimes you may want to quietly enjoy alcohol in an adult atmosphere. In such a case, the recommended adult bar is “Bourbon Club”. It is behind the Kokusai-dori, it is an adult bar where you can feel free access not only to the Okinawa locals but also by tourists. You can enjoy tasty cocktails and bourbons in an unusual atmosphere like a movie’s one scene.

The Bourbon club is about 5 minutes on foot from Makishi Monorail Station. It is located in a little sideway from the main street on the Kokusai-dori. Once you step inside the bar, a long extended bar counter welcomes you. The longest bar counter in Okinawa and moderate indirect lighting make the atmosphere of adults quite exciting.

Inside photo of Bourbon club

The menu of liquor at Bourbon club is this. You can enjoy 60 different bourbons and over 100 different cocktails.

The menu of cocktail at Bourbon club

The menu of bourbon at Bourbon club

When I came to Bourbon Club, I would like to start with Bourbon Whiskey. I selected Bourbon as IW Harper 12 years. Taste the taste of bourbon whiskey slowly with the rock.

IW Harper 12 years

Bourbon clubs also have plenty of cocktail menu. You can enjoy colorful and beautiful cocktails. If it’s an adult dating, it’s nice to have a pretty and enjoyable cocktail. Of course, the taste of cocktails is outstanding.

Cocktail Balalaika

Cocktail Mockingbird

Bourbon club cocktail

Bourbon club bar information
An adult bar, Bourbon club which is located behind the Kokusai-dori and easily accessible from the center of Naha city. It opened in international street and it is 29 years in 2017. It have been loved by regular patrons for a long time. Sometimes I want to enjoy dating with delicious sake in adult atmosphere. If so, I’d recommend Bourbon clubs that have long been loved. If you visit by 21 o’clock, the menu of liquor is half price. Why do not you enjoy having a good adult date with early visits?

The Bourbon club is here ↓

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