If Okinawa ice cream, blue seal! Born in America and taste bred in Okinawa

Okinawa is hot. Okinawa is only subtropical climate in Japan, We can spend mostly T-shirts except in winter. Speaking of such a warm Okinawa sweetsuit, it is ice cream after all. And speaking of Okinawa ice cream Blue Seal! It’s perfect for the coming season.

This time I went to Urasoe head office of Blue Seal Ice Cream. It is along the road in the center of Okinawa, National Route 58. The sign of this ice cream is a landmark.

Blue Seal ice cream Urasoe head office sign

The interior is a little American taste. It is truly an American-born ice-cream shop raised in Okinawa.

Blue Seal Ice Cream Inside store photo of Urasoe main store 1

Blue Seal Ice Cream Inside store photo of Urasoe main store 2

Blue Seal Ice Cream has a wide variety of ice creams, ice creams are also available including parfaits and crepes. I do not know how to make it. Someday I’d like to challenge the big mountain, but first of all I can not do it. . .

Blue Seal ice cream menu Blue Seal Ice Cream parfait menu

Blue Seal's Crepe Menu Blue Seal Drink Menu

Well, as usual, I wondered which ice cream to make. Many ice creams are lining in the case. The time I get lost like this is quite fun.

Ice cream case 1

Ice cream case 2

When you get lost, let’s spread your taste to Okinawa Taste and what you have not yet eaten. This time I chose tropical marble and Taimo cheesecake.

tropical marble and Taimo cheesecake

This is a tropical marble and a Taimo cheesecake. The color tone is not matched slightly, but the taste is delicious as expected. The fresh acidity of the tropical marble, the richness of the Taimo cheesecake, we can taste each taste firmly.

On another day I went to a Blue Seal Ice Cream Nago store with my children. My child also likes Blue Seal ice cream. The inside of Nago shop is slightly different from the Urasoe shop, but it is american taste after all.

Blue Seal ice cream Nago shop inside photo 1

Blue Seal ice cream Nago shop inside photo 2

As a matter of fact children like ice cream. They started eating as soon as I brought it.

Blue Seal ice cream

We also ate crepe on this day. Freshly baked crepes and ice are matched and tasty. But I forgotten because I ate crepes after a long time, but there is a volume surprisingly crepe. I was quite full of stomach. My daughter was also satisfied.

Blue Seal Ice Cream Crepe

About Blue Seal Ice Cream
The Blue Seal ice cream born in the USA and bred up in Okinawa. It is the beginning of the history of Blue Seal that FORMOST, headquartered in the United States, was established within the US military base to supply dairy products indispensable to the lives of the US military personnel stationed in Okinawa. Ice cream at that time was valuable thing only available in the base, Okinawa people seems to have had few opportunities to see it easily.

By moving the head office from within the base to Urasoe city, the history as Okinawa ice cream would begin. Despite the fact that ice cream was quite expensive at that time, they seemed to have enjoyed iced cream, many Okinawa people came to the shop. So even now it is popular as an ice cream of Okinawa.

If you come to Okinawa sightseeing, please try and taste the Blue Seal Ice Cream which is familiar long in Okinawa. There are also many flavors unique to Okinawa.

Blue Seal Ice Cream Urasoe Head Store is here ↓

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