I enjoyed Blue Note @ Loisir Hotel Okinawa

“Blue Note Tokyo” is a jazz club that is acclaimed by the world’s top artists. The Blue Note Tokyo Jazz Orchestra is the first landing in Okinawa. Even I am not familiar with music, I often hear Blue Note names. Honestly, I am an amateur who don’t understand jazz or music well, but I wanted to spend adult time listening to authentic music once a year. It was a little expensive ticket, but I tried it out.

Blue Note will start this time at Loisir Hotel Okinawa in Naha City. The dress code for this day is blue & smart casual. We should wear blue things after the blue note. It’s adult playfulness. I didn’t have a blue accessory, so I safely went in a suit with a blue tie. Because it was smart casual, there were many people who looked more casual than suits. It might have been good with blue Kariyushi wear. In front of the venue, the atmosphere was raised like this.

In front of the venue 1

In front of the venue 2

It was 17:00 opening. First of all, toast with beer after being guided to the table. I was glad it’s a free drink. All the venues used for the wedding hall were fully booked. It’s also called Blue Note, so the age group was high. There are quite a lot of people coming alone, and it seems that there were many elderly people who love music in Okinawa. Cooking was a course and it was like this. The amount was enough, and I ate it with the thrill of music.


Meat dishes

This is the menu table.

menu table

Slowly enjoyed a meal and waited for the performance. Orion beer tastes more adult than usual. After all live performance‼ I was so looking forward to it. This is the photo just before the performance. Unfortunately, this is the only photo taken at the venue because it is NG during the performance.

the photo just before the performance

And the power of the sound was really amazing The power of live performance was amazing. To be honest, I don’t know jazz or music, so I don’t know anything about the technical performance, but the real sound was different. It was a sound pressure, not just a loud volume, but the whole venue was filled with sound. Still, it wasn’t noisy, just a feeling of being shaken by a flood of sound. The music played was just a classic things in Western music, TV and animation, and it was enough to be enjoyed without knowledge of music. The live music was really different. Happy and mature quality time has passed in no time. Thank you for the fun and powerful music, Blue Note Tokyo Jazz Orchestra!

Loisir Hotel Naha is here ↓

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