Delicious Okinawa soba Banzyutei in Yomitan village, firmly bonito taste, Soki, Tebichi and Sanmainiku three kind of meat

Yomitan village located just in the middle of Okinawa main island. There are many good Okinawa soba shops in Yomitan Village, which had been prosperous as an Okinawa lodging town in the past. This time, the combination of the three types of meat of Soki, Tebichi, and Sanmainiku is superb “Banzyutei” on a firm soup of bonito to introduce. Banzyutei’s Okinawa soba is exquisitely matched with the refreshing bonito soup and the three kinds of meat’s exquisite feeling, so you will not get tired of eating it every day.

It is along the side road on the left hand side when running along the aorta of Okinawa main island, national highway 58 to north. There are Okinawa soba shops and ramen shops around Banzyutei, so it is okay to eat. The interior of the shop is indeed the atmosphere of a Okinawa soba shop. There is a table seat and a Zashiki seat.

Inside photo of Banzyutei 1

Inside photo of Banzyutei 2

This is Banzyutei’s menu. This time I ordered plenty of “Ferre-Soba”. I care what Ferre meaning is, but I ordered this for the time being. I was looking forward to it.

Banzyutei's menu

Ferre-Soba which was waiting for me came. There was a refreshing fragrance of bonito.


First, I would drink a bite of soup. The taste and fragrance of refreshing bonito spreaded in my mouth. I felt refreshed, but I felt the taste of a rich bonito Umami. Next I ate noodles. There was a texture made into a slippery texture and firm chewiness. Homemade noodles in which turmeric is being kneaded are satisfactory in tecture. There was considerable eating response. Both raw ginger and mugwort match well with the soup. It was an accent that changed the texture and flavor, which was quite tasty. The taste of meat exquisitely matches the refreshing soup with the taste of the meat tight, and the taste of the meat also has a solid taste of Soki, Tebichi and Sanmainiku three kinds of meat. It was quite tasty Okinawa soba. I was satisfied with both the volume and the taste!

Bazyutei shop information
Yomitan village flourished as an Okinawa lodging town in old days. Once in a while, when walking from Nago city to Naha city, it seems that it was dusk just around Yomitan village. As a result, the neighborhood was prosperous as a lodging town, but it seems there were a thieves in the vicinity. Thieves were said to be Ferre in Okinawa’s old dialect. Banzyutei said that they tried making Okinawa soba with plenty of volume that such thieves would have eaten. Indeed it was a delicious Okinawa soba with plenty of volume.

  • Address: 〒
    904-0302 Kina 473, Yomitan village, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-21:00
  • Telephone: 050-5872-5326
  • Closed: Wednesday
  • Parking: Yes
  • Price: 580 yen ~ 910 yen

Banzyutei is here ↓

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