Homemade noodles and clean pork bone broth are the best match, Awase Soba Shokudou

A long-established Okinawa soba restaurant established in 1975, is the Awase Soba Shokudou introduced here. I went there with my child because I heard rumors that the homemade noodles made from high quality flour and the clear pork bone broth were delicious.

The exterior of Awase Soba Restaurant looks like the picture above. The restaurant has a large signboard and is easy to see. It is located on a side street off Route 329, so you can come here without getting lost.

This is what the interior of Awase Soba Restaurant looks like. The restaurant is quite spacious, with table seats, counter seats, and tatami rooms, so it is easy to come alone or with a family.

This is what the interior of Awase Soba Restaurant looks like 1

This is what the interior of Awase Soba Restaurant looks like 2

And this is the menu of Awase Soba Shokudou. It is easy to understand because it comes with a picture.

the menu of Awase Soba Shokudou

After discussing with my child which menu item we should try, we decided on “Special Soba” and “Tebichi Soba”. The special soba has three kinds of meat: Tebichi, Sanmainiku, and Soki, and the Tebichi soba was chosen by the child who loves Tebichi. We can choose between thin or flat noodles, so we chose thin noodles for the Special Soba and flat noodles for the Tebichi Soba.

Special Soba

Well, we started with the special soba. I immediately took a sip of the soup. The soup, which was made by simmering pork bones for 8 hours and flavored with chicken and bonito, was clean, elegant, and very easy to eat. The homemade thin noodles matched the clean pork bone broth and were very tasty. The three kinds of meat (Sanmainiku, Soki, and Tebichi) had different flavors and textures, and I enjoyed them all the way through.

Tebichi Soba

Next was Tebichi soba with a large Tebichi on top. This was served with flat noodles. The texture of the flat noodles was quite different from the thin noodles, so although the soup was the same, I enjoyed a different taste. The texture of the tebichi was also very firm and full of collagen. It was delicious.

About Awase Soba Shokudou

Established in 1975, the second generation owner, who took over from his mother in 2013, has been pursuing his own homemade noodles and flavorful soup. There are many kinds of Okinawa soba and I would like to go back to eat there with my children.

The Awase Soba Shokudou is here ↓

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