Arakoya in Sakaemachi Naha city is a meat izakaya Okinawa people love

We Okinawa people love meat. A pork tavern that grabs such hearts of Okinawans who love meat is Arakoya in Sakaemachi, Naha city. Particularly, the signboard menu charcuterie assortment is exquisite. we are happy to choose the size according to the number of people. The Arakoya in Sakaemachi representative of Okinawa. In such Arakoya I ate a signboard menu charcuterie platter and skewer.

The Arakoya becomes visible as you walk straight on Sakaemachi Street. It is a distance of about 3 – 4 minutes on foot from YuiRail Asato Station. Tourists can also feel free to come by. Because it is a popular bar, it will be full of guests from early hours. I came around 18 o’clock on weekdays, so I put it even without a reservation. But it was nearly full before 19 o’clock. At the counter seat you can enjoy the sky roast burning wonderfully in front of you.

Inside photo of Arakoya 1

Inside photo of Arakoya 2

First of all, when you come to the Arakoya, let ‘s order a signboard menu charcuterie platter. It is a popular menu where ten kinds of ham and salami are arranged beautifully. You can choose the size according to the number of people, so let’s order by all means. This time I ordered a small size. Still it is this volume and beauty.

Charcuterie platter and beer

charcuterie menu

There are 9 kinds of meat dishes such as pig levers smoke, raw ham, chorizo, chicken liver putty etc even in small size. It is 800 yen for this volume and the beauty. This cost performance was impressed. It matched well with beer and I can drink more and more.

Next time you come to the Arakoya, you really want to eat it. Grilled Motsuyaki from Okinawa Prefecture has excellent freshness. You can enjoy grilled pork hormone, such as “Teppo” in the rectum part, “Harami” in the diaphragm, “Nodobella” in the throat cartilage. If you wonder which menu to use, it is recommended that you have 5 stocks of Grilled Motsuyaki. Grill it briskly in front of you and eat freshly baked goods.

Grilled Motsuyaki

Grilled Motsuyaki menu

It is a thick and voluminous skewer. If I chew it, the grilled meat that overflows meat juice was really tasty, beer goes on and on. Excellent salting down, if you come to the Arakoya, please join us with the charcuterie platter, please also enjoy the grilled Motsuyaki.

Arakoya bar information
Opened in Sakaemachi and five years in 2017. It grew up to a famous bar in Sakaemachi, which has become extremely popular among meat-loving Okinawans. Also close to the Monorail Asato Station, visitors can also enjoy pork made in Okinawa Prefecture. Sharqitri platter and Motsuyaki are mast orders. The taste of meat, the beauty of the arrangement, the volume and the cost performance are impressive. Please try it by all means. Just because it is a popular shop, I recommend you to reserve or come early.

  • Address:
    902-0067 Asato 388-10, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 18:00〜01:00
  • Telephone: 098-882-3034
  • Closed holiday: irregular holiday
  • Parking lot: None
  • Price: 1,000 yen ~ 2,000 yen

The Arakoya is here ↓

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