A long-lasting brand of more than 70 years old, Arakaki Zenzaiya in Motobu town is worth the feet

Speaking of Okinawa’s sweets, yes, it is the Zenzai. In Okinawa in summer we often see “Zenzai” characters. Unlike the Japanese mainland, Okinawa’s Zenzai is cold shaved ice. It is quite different from red beans and rice cakes alone. This is perfect for hot Okinawa. A moderately sweetly cooked bean and cold shaved ice blows off summer heat. Such a long-established store of Okinawa Zenzai is in the Motobu town Arakaki Zenzaiya. In summer, you may wait 30 minutes so much that it is a popular zenzai shop.

Arakaki Zenzaiya is a 1-minute walk from the popular soba restaurant “Kishimoto Shokudo” in the Motobu town. Therefore, summer is quite crowded. I recommend you visit early. If you come to the zenzai shop, let’s buy a ticket at the entrance ticket machine.

ticket machine

This ticket machine is a little interesting and there is only one type of Zenzai. The number of zenzai orders is only different. Besides, no matter how many Zenzai you order, it is not a discounted rate. It was introduced in popular TV program as well. If you buy a ticket, let ‘s hand it to a clerk. Zanzai will come soon.

The inside of the shop is not very wide, and summer is filled soon.

The inside of the shop

Now, this is Zenzai. It is a simple sweet ice cubed with gold beans’ broth.


First of all I tried to eat a bite. The gold beans that were cooked thoroughly for 8 hours are moderately sweet and very tasty. It was very soft and melts quietly in my mouth. Simple yet exquisite taste, the summer heat will blow away. It seems that firewood is used for stewing gold beans, and the taste of old-fashioned commitment seems to have not changed since its founding. The small rice cakes were also hiding, there was quite a volume. After all summer is zenzan. My children were eating deliciously.

Arakaki Zenzaiya shop information
Summer sweets unique to Okinawa, Zenzai. Such a long history of over 70 years is Arakaki Zenzaiya. When going to Churaumi Aquarium, it is worth to spend your time eating Zenzai. Just surprisingly there is a volume of gold beans, so if you eat it as a dessert after lunch you may not be able to eat it. If it is after lunch, one Zenzai may be just right for two people. Please spoil everything in the Okinawa sweets that you can enjoy at 250 yen.

  • Address:
    905-0214 Toguchi 11-2, Motobu town, Okinawa
  • Telephone: 0980-47-4731
  • Open 12:00~18:00
  • No regular holiday
  • Parking: There is a public parking lot near the shop.
  • Price: 250 yen

Arakaki Zenzaiya is here ↓

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