Appari, a ramen restaurant that serves thick chicken ramen noodles with plenty of Yanbaru Jidori chicken

Okinawa locals, as exemplified by Aguu pork, is a pork lover. But pork isn’t the only meat that Okinawa people like to eat. For birthdays and parties, Okinawa locals celebrate with Kentucky Fried Chicken. They also love it. The chicken that Okinawans love to eat is called Yanbara Jidori (Okinawa’s chicken). And the restaurant that serves the thick chicken white-water ramen made with plenty of Yanbaru Jidori is called Ryukyu Chicken Ramen Appari. We had a delicious thick chicken white-water ramen at Appari, which is located near Naha Airport.

Ryukyu Chicken White Water Ramen Appari is located in Miyagi, Naha City, along Route 331. It is located about a 5-10 minute drive from Naha Airport. The exterior of the restaurant looks like the picture above. They share the same restaurant as “Katsu Den”, a soba and pork cutlet bowl restaurant. At the entrance, there is an easy to understand menu list with pictures like this. It’s nice and easy to understand.

Appari's Menu

Enter the restaurant and you will see a ticketing machine on your right. Buy a ticket for the menu you want to eat, and hand it to the waiter. The waiter will give you a numbered ticket, and you wait at your seat until your food is ready. We came with our children, so I discussed the menu with my children and decided on what we wanted to eat. Since we came on a holiday in the evening, some of the menu items were already sold out. I wanted to try the curry cutlet, but I’ll have to give it to you next time. The three menu items I ordered that day were the thick chicken white water ramen, chicken soba noodles, and the thick chicken tsukemen (soy sauce flavored). I was looking forward to it.

This is the atmosphere inside Appari. There are counter seats, table seats, and seating areas. It’s easy to get in, whether you’re on your own or with your family.

the atmosphere inside Appari

First of all, let’s try the thick chicken white-water ramen. What does ramen with plenty of Yanbaru Jidori chicken taste like?

the thick chicken white-water ramen

This is the thick chicken white water ramen. The soup was golden and beautiful. I took a sip of the soup first. I could clearly understand it after taking a sip. The rich umami taste of the chicken spread in my mouth. It was not seasoned with salt or soy sauce, so it was a high-purity umami taste of the chicken. Because it is chicken, it is not like pork bones, but has a high level of pure umami and a crisp aftertaste. Next, I tried the noodles with this dish. These are straight, thin noodles that match the soup well and do not interfere with the rich chicken white-water flavor. This was a good chicken white-water ramen. The topping, chicken chashu, was juicy and tender and easy to eat. The texture of the spring onion also accentuates the texture of the ramen, making it a highly complete ramen.

chicken soba noodles

This is a soup with a combination of thick chicken white-water ramen soup and Japanese style soup. Taking a sip of the soup, you can clearly see the difference between this soup and the thick chicken white-water ramen. This soup was crispy and refreshing. It was crispy, but it didn’t have a thin taste, but it has a refreshing umami taste. It’s more like a ramen. It tastes more like soba than ramen. It is also delicious. My child liked the chicken soba better.

Rich chicken Tsukemen (soy sauce flavored)

And this is the thick chicken tsukemen (soy sauce flavored). I’ve had many dipping noodles in the past, but this may be the first time I’ve had chicken dipping noodles. Unlike the ramen, the noodles are thicker and more sticky and satisfying to eat. Dip them in the soup and slurp them up all at once. The soup was thick and delicious with the umami taste of soy sauce mixed in with the chicken broth. The chicken meat mixed in the dipping noodle soup was a great accent to the texture. We enjoyed it all the way through the soup.

About Appari

This is a thick chicken white-water ramen that is cooked for more than 10 hours using plenty of Yanbaru Jidori chicken. It has a rich umami flavor that is different from that of tonkotsu ramen and a crisp aftertaste with little odor ramen. Appari is a restaurant I recommended to ramen lovers. In fact, their curry won the Kanda Curry Grand Prix, and it seems to be very delicious, so we recommend it next time we come here. I would like to try it out on

Ryukyu Chicken White Water Ramen Appari is here ↓

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