If you want to eat rich big Ramen Akamaru, famous big vegetable boiled ramen is good

Sometimes I feel like going to eat rich big ramen. Firmly rich soup, plenty of vegetables in volume. It is Akamaru in Naha city that we can eat such rich bif Ramen. It is a delicious ramen shop that we can enjoy soy sauce, Tonkotsu, miso taste noodles. I have eaten such a vegetable boiled ramen that is famous for Akamaru.

Akamaru is on the national highway No.58 line in Naha city, and it is crowded with nearby salaried workers at noon. I went there around 2 o’clock this day avoiding lunch time. As we enter the shop, there is a ticket vending machine on the left side. First of all, I will buy a ticket.

ticket vending machine of Akamaru

The inside of the store is a simple construction of counter and table. It is exactly a ramen shop.

The inside of the Akamaru

This time I ordered the famous “Gokai Ramen Vegetable Fool Prime”. It is the same 750 yen for normal, big and very large size. If you have the same price, you want to eat it in very large size of course. By the way the Akamaru menu is this. Not only ramen, but also Tsukemen and Mazesoba also looks delicious.

the Akamaru menu 1

the Akamaru menu 2

Well, the famous “Gokai Ramen Vegetable Fool Prime” has arrived. It is a great vegetable volume. Its appearance is good.

Gokai Ramen Vegetable Fool Prime

First of all I would eat it from a vegetable that has been packed with excitement. The texture of the moxi is good. Soup is based on soy sauce, garlic is working and my appetite advances. It is perfect when you want to eat rich big ramen. Noodles are medium thick straight noodles. Interestingly, Akamaru uses raw noodles by Okinawa soba. The texture is different from ordinary ramen, but because it is Okinawa soba noodle I ate, it is kind of funny. When you want to eat rich big ramen, you can see “Gokai Ramen Vegetable Fool Prime” in Akamaru is perfect.

About Akamaru
It continues to provide Gokai ramen in the office town of Naha city. Tonkotsu, miso and soy sauce there are various flavors of ramen, so you will not be tired of eating it every day. If you want to eat big rich ramen, Akamaru is recommended. If you want to eat other big rich ramen, there is also Jiro series ramen. Since the Akahige ramen has more volume, trying it empty your stomach.

  • Address:
    900-0016 2-3-6 Maeshima, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-02:00
  • Telephone: None
  • Closed: None
  • Parking lot: None
  • Price: 700 yen ~ 950 yen

Akamaru is here ↓

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