If you want to eat Jiro ramen in Okinawa, AKAHIGE Ramen in NAHA

Heavy vegetables, thick noodles with eating response, thick Tonkotsu soy sauce soup, thick sliced pig meat, and garlic. Jiro ramen with addiction that swept the ramen lovers in Japan. If you want to eat such Jiro ramen in Okinawa, “AKAHIGE Ramen” in NAHA city. When I was a child, I could not eat ramen at all in Okinawa, but now I can eat delicious ramen in Japan. It is a good time.

AKAHIGE Ramen is located in downtown Matsuyama, Naha city. Although it is in a place difficult to understand a bit, the appearance of the shop looks like the picture above. When entering the shop there is a menu table and ticket vending machine on the right hand side. The menu table is easy to understand with pictures.

Menu table of AKAHIGE Ramen

ticket vending machine of AKAHIGE Ramen

It also has menu tables in English and Chinese to accommodate foreign travelers.

menu tables in English and Chinese

The inside of the shop is only a counter. You can see how he is making ramen from the counter. I went there after 1 o’clock, so there were no customers in the shop.

Inside shop photo of AKAHIGE ramen

Speaking of Jiro Ramen, it is that spell. “YASHIMASHIMASHI ABURAMASHIMASHI KARAME NINNIKU” (That meaning is 2 times more vegetable, more oil, more taste, garlic topping). Of course I ordered with that spell. Topping is free, so please enjoy the real pleasure of Jiro ramen by all means.

AKAHIGE ramen free topping table

On this day I had less breakfast and came in the best condition that made me hungry. So I challenge Ramen Big (800 yen). However, even if I said that, I was quite astonished to Jiro ramen, complete meal. This is “Ramen Big” + “YASHIMASHI ABRAMASHI KARAME NINNIKU”.

AKAHIGE Ramen big

Looking from the side it is like this.

AKAHIGE Ramen big from the side

Truly Jiro ramen, the amount of ramen noodles is 450g. Besides, it is soaked with soup and vegetables, so it was about 700g in total. After all Jiro ramen, the amount of vegetables is amazing. It hardly reaches the noodles. If it is this amount in YASAIMASHI, how much is YASAIMASHIMASHI? The noodles are thick noodles with eating response, the amount of noodles is truly 450g. Soup is based on soy sauce and garlic matches well. Pig meat is also thick, there is eating response and it is quite delicious.

I used to eat Jiro ramen in Kawasaki city and Nagoya city before, but it was truly a great amount of ramen. It took quite a while until I could finish it, but I managed to get a complete meal. It was pretty hard. . . .

AKAHIGE ramen information
AKAHIGE ramen that you can eat a few Jiro ramen in Okinawa. If you want to eat jiro ramen that becomes rich and habit, AKAHIGE ramen is recommended. When I entered the shop there were no customers, but somehow I got close to 2 o’clock in the afternoon and it increased steadily and filled. I’d recommend that you visit there after you are hungry.

  • Address :
    900-0032 2-21-16 Matsuyama Naha city Okinawa, Japan
  • Lunch:11:30-14:30、Dinner : 18;00-23:30
  • Phone : 無し
  • Holiday : Monday
  • Parking lot : Since there is no parking lot, please use nearby paid parking
  • Price:670 yen ~ 1,000 yen

AKAHIGE ramen is here ↓

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