Agarie soba with delicious smooth homemade raw noodles and rich umami bonito soup

A delicious Okinawa soba shop that is the perfect match for homemade fresh noodles that are smooth and stiff, and good umami soup based on bonito stock. That is Agarie soba. Good umami soup with a strong and flavorful flavor that permeates homemade raw noodles with original texture is exquisite. I wanted to eat delicious Okinawa soba at lunchtime on holidays, so I went to Agarie soba, which I had heard of as a delicious Okinawa soba restaurant.

The Agarie soba is located in Serikyaku Urasoe city. It is located on a side street from Okinawa’s main road Route 58. It is about 20 to 30 minutes by car from Naha Airport, so I think tourists can easily visit. There is a food ticket machine at the entrance as soon as you enter the restaurant. The menu is easy to understand because there is a sign with a photo.

a food ticket machine at the entrance

The inside photo of Agarie Soba looks like this. There are table seats and tatami seats, so it is a restaurant that can be easily entered by children. There are many celebrity signs on the wall.

The inside photo of Agarie Soba 1

The inside photo of Agarie Soba 2

On this day, I came to have lunch with my children, so I ordered three items: Agarie soba, cartilage soki soba, and vegetable soba. I also added dumplings and juicy because we were quite hungry.

Agarie soba

This is the Agarie Soba. This is the most popular soba that can be eaten with Soki, cartilage soki, sanmainiku, and three kinds of meat. First, I ate a bite of homemade raw noodles. Smooth texture that can be seen at the moment of putting it in my mouth, and firm firmness. good! It is a delicious raw noodle that we can feel immediately. A refreshing and elegant soup that matches the raw noodles exquisitely. Soup made with plenty of bonito and kelp has a clear taste, but it has a deep taste. Okinawa soba which does not differ from rumor and is firmly delicious‼ I was quite satisfied.

cartilage soki soba

This is the cartilage soki soba. The cartilage soki had a melting texture. I was surprised with soft texture like gelatin rather than cartilage. This was definitely delicious too.

vegetable soba

And this is vegetable soba. It is Okinawa soba with a delicious crunchy texture vegetables. The umami flavor of the vegetables melts into the soup, and it had a different taste from other Okinawan soba. A refreshing and elegant umami soup that matches any taste.


This is homemade gyoza and juicy. Juicy cooked with Okinawa soba soup had a delicious taste. It was juicy with a gentle taste that anyone can taste delicious. And the gyoza handmade from its skin was also deliciously eaten with more vegetables. The Agarie soba both Okinawa soba and side menu are delicious, I was very satisfied.

About Agarie soba

Homemade raw noodles with a slick texture and firmness, and a soup with an elegant taste. The Agarie Soba, a delicious Okinawa soba restaurant where the two match perfectly. Okinawa soba, which my children praised as “Delicious noodles” just after eating a bite. I want tourists as well as Okinawan prefectures to eat it.

Agarie soba is here ↓

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