About me

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Hi everyone, I am a manager of Good Okinawa.com. Born in Okinawa in 1978, brought up in Okinawa, I am a near 40-year old man. I have a daughter of elementary school student and a son who is a before entering elementary school. Our cute children are like this. I photographed from the top of the Motobu Yaedake mountain. We can see Ie Island in the distance.

My children picture

After graduating from high school, I have been living outside of Okinawa prefecture for 20 years with, University, graduate school, and worker. I just came back to Okinawa. I lived in Okinawa Prefecture for a long time, so I think that I am supposed to be good Okinawa a little bit objectively.

Recently, many people came to Okinawa travel. Again, I am quite happy as a man of Okinawa. I often look at people traveling with groups and family. It seems that they rent a car and they are enjoying their favorite travels.

As a parent who has a child, As a Okinawa man, I hope various people who travel to Okinawa to enjoy more Okinawa, and want you to know more various Okinawa I thought, I started up this site. I will introduce the recommended spots, such as the beautiful sea of Okinawa, delicious meals, sightseeing spots and so on as easily as possible. If you come to Okinawa for the first time, even with small children, enjoy a lot of Okinawa.

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