3chikuju is a famous Tsukemen shop in Naha City, Tsukemen and Mazesoba are excellent

It is said that to have raised the level of Tsukemen noodle in Okinawa, that is 3chikuju in Naha City. Store owner who studied at Tokyo’s famous ramen shop “Rokurinsha” opened in his native Okinawa. Homemade thick noodles and rich fish pork bone soup are outstanding products that will not disappoint. If you want to eat rich Tsukemen, 3chikuju is recommended.

3chikuju is in Makabi Naha City. It is in the place where it was a little sideways from National Route 330. It’s a place that you can not go easily unless you are in a car, but it’s still worth going and tasting it. A large menu table is posted on the outside of the store in an easy-to-understand manner.

3chikuju's menu

Well, first come to 3chikuju, the first recommendation is “Ajitama Noukou Tsukemen”. I bought a ticket and enter the store. Ticket vending machine is located at the entrance of the store.

Entrance of 3chikuju and ticket vending machine

There are counter seats, table seats and a seat in the shop. Because there is a room, you can casually drop in with a family with small children.

Inside shop of 3chikuju 1

Inside shop of 3chikuju 2

When waiting for a while, recommendation of 3chikuju “Ajitame Noukou Tsukemen” came. First of all, do not immerse in Tsukemen soup, and check the taste of homemade thick noodles themselves. Strong thick noodles have an eating response, have a good flavor, and feel a subtle sweetness. A thick noodle of whole grain using all the fresh wheat from Okinawa. It is truly.

Next, I add Tsukemen noodle to soup and try Tsukemen. There is no lie in the word, it is a rich Tsukemen soup. Rich fish pork bone soup is a solid taste not defeated by homemade thick noodles. It is a truly a taste of a Tsukematsu soup that harmoniously harmonized with each other, which does not match the individual noodles with strong individuality. A lot of toppings such as egg, Chashuu, Menma and so on, the texture changes and it is fun. Even after finishing eating thick noodles, put rice into the remaining Tsukemen soup, made it risotto like, it was delicious until the end.

Ajitama Noukou Tsukemen of 3chikuju

Well, on another day I ate the second specialty “Mazesoba”. It is as thick as Tsukemen soup here. I think that soy sauce syrup is stronger than Tsukemen soup? When I added raw eggs on the way, it turned into a mild taste. The pig meat is also thick cut, the difference in texture is also fun, and this was also delicious until the last.


About 3chikuju
3chikuju was also a key player in the Tsukemen boom of Okinawa. It was about a bit of news that the Okinawa citizens who did not make a queue had eaten noodles while making a queue. Still it is truly a taste of Tsukemen noodles that does not disappoint. If you want to eat rich Tsukemen in Naha City, 3chikuju is recommended.

In July 2017, they plan to relocate to the monorail Furushima station premises. It makes it easier for tourists to come.

  • Address:
    902-0068 2-1-6 Makabi, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:30-21:30
  • Tlephone: 098-887-4433
  • Closed holiday: irregular holiday
  • Parking: Yes
  • Price: 680 yen ~ 1,020 yen

3chikuju is here ↓

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