Finished the 2024 Okinawa Marathon! [Digest video]

On February 18, 2024, the Okinawa Marathon was held for the first time in four years after the Corona Disaster. I broke through two minutes before the final barrier and was able to finish the marathon without incident.

It was the first Okinawa Marathon in four years, the temperature on the day was 24 degrees Celsius, and the weather was sunny, exactly like early summer conditions that one would not expect in February, no matter how much it is in Okinawa.

In addition, personally, to the respiratory problems I had a month before. I had given up hope that I would be able to finish the race due to the pain in my right ankle.

Nevertheless, thanks to the warm and energetic support of everyone along the route, I was able to finish the race without giving up.

The support of everyone along the route reached all the runners. Thank you so much.

This was my fifth full marathon experience personally, but it was the hardest condition.

Even so, I was able to complete the race safely two minutes before the final barrier.

Although my time is not something I can show you, I created this digest video to give you a taste of the atmosphere of the Okinawa Marathon.

To all runners who participated in the Okinawa Marathon, and to those who are thinking of participating next year, please take a look.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who ran with us, the staff who supported this marathon, and most of all, the citizens who gave us warm support along the roadsides.

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