2023 Ocean Expo Fireworks Festival Act II @ Free Seating

A Uchinanchu, born and raised in Okinawa, introduces you to various beaches in Okinawa while showing you underwater videos.

This time, after the Corona Disaster, we present the second act of the 45th Ocean Expo Park Fireworks Festival, held for the first time in four years, in 4K uncut and edited.

From the theme of the first act, I was wondering how the fireworks would be shown, but it unexpectedly started with the opening song of Dragon Quest. The whole venue was buzzing.

The second song was the theme song of the movie “Slam Dunk,” 10-FEET’s “Dai Zero Kankan. The fast-paced tune and the roar of the fireworks were wonderful.

The fireworks display to hit songs such as Ado’s “New Era” and YOASOBI’s “Idol” was also impressive.

I also felt that the fireworks show was full of playful touches, such as changing the mood and tempo of the fireworks with the Super Mario song in the middle of the show.

The collaboration of the strong impact sound and the hit songs right under the fireworks was a novel and wonderful experience for me.

Next year, please adopt Final Fantasy songs as well.

For those who went to the Ocean Expo Fireworks Festival, those who wanted to go but couldn’t, those who are planning to go next year, and those who love fireworks shows, please take a look.

The Emerald beach is here ↓

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