2023 Ocean Expo Fireworks Display Act I ~Dynamic HORIZON~ Beyond the Horizon~ @ free seat

A Uchinanchu, born and raised in Okinawa, introduces various beaches in Okinawa while showing you underwater videos.

This time, after the Corona Disaster, we present “~Ryukyu Fantasy Picture Scroll ~Dynamic HORIZON~ Beyond the Horizon~”, the first act of the 45th Ocean Expo Park Fireworks Festival held for the first time in four years, edited without cuts.

He is a multi-talented and very active performer! Daiichi Hirata, a Minamijima poet who has directed many stage productions, including “Modern Kumiodori: The Dance of the Dead,” takes on the challenge of designing and producing a story firework for the first time!

Based on the original image and design drawings by Daiichi Hirata, Kazushi Miyazawa, Akira Ikuma, and Mutsumi Aragaki will provide music to color the night sky of Okinawa’s summer with a story fireworks display that foreshadows the beginning of a new story.

As the new Okinawa is born, please enjoy the colorful and overwhelmingly moving fireworks that will be a fitting tribute to the night sky of the “New Era Okinawa,” bursting with the world of the Minamijima poets, as they sing of the island’s great diversity of nature and contemplate the mysterious island universe! Please enjoy them to the end.

Every 4 minutes, there was a theme that matched the story, and the collaboration of the story commentary, music, and fireworks was very beautiful and moving.

From this year, there were two types of seats: paid reserved seats and free seats, and I took this photo from the free seats.

We present the unedited version of the excitement at the fireworks site as it was.

If we regret that you cannot show the strong impact of the fireworks right under your feet, but we hope you will experience it at the site.

If you went to the Ocean Expo Fireworks Festival, if you wanted to go but couldn’t make it, if you are planning to go next year, or if you just love fireworks festivals, please watch this video.

The Emerald beach is here ↓

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