I finished the 2022 NAHA Marathon! [With summary video]

I finally got to run the 2022 NAHA Marathon for the first time in three years!
And I was able to finish!

Here is a 3-minute video of me running the NAHA Marathon.
It will give you an idea of the atmosphere of running and the people cheering me on, so please take a look.

On the day of the race, despite it being December, the temperature was a high of 27 degrees Celsius and the humidity was high, so the conditions were not very conducive to running a full marathon.
However, thanks to the hard work of everyone along the way, I managed to finish the race.

Thank you to everyone who cheered us on along the way and brought us lots of food, to the junior high and high school students who supported the runners at the NAHA Marathon aid stations, and to all the volunteers and staff who supported the NAHA Marathon.

I will definitely be back next year to participate and finish the marathon!

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